Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not a future P E T A member.

We have had some really nice weather this week. Got to love that about California, and this particular area. Where JJ lives is gray year long, no such thing as a summer, very depressing. The recent storms had all three of us feeling down, we need sunshine to function and we are finally getting some. SS was so excited about wearing shorts outside (unlike our pretend short days inside), and playing with her outside toys.

I noticed SS playing with her toy dog, she was very intent on doing something. She appeared to be getting ready to drag him with her car, or maybe (eternal optimist here) she was stepping into a pretend store and wanted to make sure that her dog was safe and would not run away.

BTW, her shorts are a size 12 months, She still has a tiny hiney.

Nah, SS dragged him behind her car.

At least she became distracted with her scooter and gave doggie a break.

She is getting stronger.

But back to doggie it was after a while. SS went further and placed doggie on the car roof, still tethered to the gas tank. So proud of her evil handy work.

Special mail delivery.

Cruelty to animals, check. If SS starts a fire and wets her bed we will be deleting this post.

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