Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fishes, fishes, everywhere fishes (and sea horses too).

Rule of life #75, if you know that your child's stomach does not react well to too much juice, no matter how much you want to appease said child, please refrain from giving her a gallon of juice. This is even more important when you are sharing a room with her odor hypersensitive brother, who almost lost his breakfast at the smell of his sister's mega runny dump.

By the pace P kept walking to the aquarium one would think that the man had never visited one, or that he had never visited this one. He had a roll on JJ and I, then turned and exasperatedly urged us to move faster. Gee, we only had six hours to get through the place. But according to P SS could not wait to get in there, since her Baba had been preparing her for her first visit to this monumental shrine to marine life. You can tell how excited she was on the picture below. The girl looks just about to rip her stroller belt off and walk in on her own.

I was very disappointed with the big tank pictures, my second favorite place (otters rule).

SS's new BFF.

Poor SS, she has no idea that her Baba is going to quiz her about the scientific name of every creature she is about to see.

They have a lot of interactive kid stations.

SS's portable chair. For someone who closes the eye she intends to use to look through the scope, SS spent way too much time on one, and also had a blast.

She made each one of us hold her up to the telescopes.

That is one cool sea horse, Mother Nature was high or just having fun when it created this thing. She was probably on the same high as when she created the platypus. Even SS is baffled, look at that WTF look.

The sea horse exhibit was new to us and we probably do not want to see another sea horse again.

Male sea horses carry the offspring, and that is why P likes them so much. I understand his admiration because he knows he will never have to go through the pain of labor and delivery.

Snapped just before she began to wail, but she looks so freaking adorable.

The otters are JJ's and my favorite, but they were not in a showboating mood. When JJ tried to film and take pictures SS threw a fit, and demanded that JJ hold her. Serriously JJ, what the heck were you thinking, taking time to admire the creatures on display? We totally pity the soul who falls for our daughter, she is extremely high maintenance.

We all enjoyed this exhibit.

P was able to talk SS into touching a sea star. He was so proud of his future fisheries biologist. When P asked her to touch SS said, "No touching SS." I guess we say that a lot, and it took a lot of convincing that it was OK to touch.

At this point SS was done with picture taking.

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