Friday, March 19, 2010

Fed Ex SUCKS big time.

I e-mailed Nana to let her know her package for SS arrived. She e-mailed back inquiring about a second package to be delivered via Fed Ex. According to their website it was delivered on March 14 at our doorstep. No, it did not arrive. Nana called with the tracking number and thus began a frustrating week for P on the phone with Fed Ex's nonexistent customer service. The operators were all smiles and nice, but freaking useless. On the first call P was told that it was delivered to another address, a nonexistent one. One call later P was told that they would contact the driver to ask where he dropped it off.

By Wednesday, we were getting annoyed by their slowness, and that is when P was informed that they had 48 hours from the time they received the first call to actually do something about it. Huh? Seriously? Did I mention that Fed Ex sucks? P received a call as he was about to leave work on Friday, letting him know where it was dropped off and told he could go there and pick it up himself, because they did not have time to advise the driver of the location. Wait, didn't the driver know where the blankety blank he dropped off the package?

But wait, it gets better, because Fed Ex really sucks. The package was dropped off at the door of a former Fed Ex employee who was equally annoyed at their sloppy, sucky worth ethic. He called them Monday to let them know the package did not belong to him. That's right, Monday, and it had remained on his doorstep, waiting to be retrieved.

Fed Ex, you really suck, and the least you could do is refund Nana's delivery fee. Now repeat after us, Fed Ex royally sucks donkey b@lls. We feel much better now, and are using UPS from now on.

The object of our frustration with Fed Ex, and their sucky customer service. We don't think this is for playing, but then again, neither one of us knows jack about dolls. I received plenty as a child, even B@rbies (reason why SS will never have one). No one got the fact that I hated dolls, so I used the OR needles used for stitching (back in the dark ages) Abu brought home for my playing amusement (and you probably thought we are the weird ones), and performed lobotomies on my dolls. Boy, that was a lot of fun. I do have a feeling that our fabulous tomboy is going to end up liking girly stuff.

Ancient Chinese ritual or rock whisperer?

This is what I'm getting lately when I point a camera SS's way.


Yes Mama, forget the sugar and spice and everything nice, I'm moving on to full of p*ss and vinegar.

Can't get over her eyes.

SS has finally outgrown her Reef flip flops that we got for her last Spring. My poor baby, it took her a whole year. Time to use some of her b-day money for another pair, because summer weather is here. I love how she manages to get the strap between the wrong toes.

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