Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nobody does it better.

Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it, half as good as me
Baby, I'm the best

Wow, that is a heck of a lot of confidence for an insecure mess like me. But I do excel at something, I can ruin a holiday like no one I have ever met. My children will tell holidays apart by talking about the ATV accident that sent me to the ER on my b-day, the vacation that ended short when I could not move half my body, the major surgery that kept me hospitalized in Halloween, the Halloween I spent in urgent care with a busted ankle, and now... I will spend Good Friday and possibly Easter hospitalized. Yippee! I will do my best to be out by Saturday or Easter Sunday morning. Sunshine is equally determined to sabotage my efforts, and he's known for playing dirty. Stay tuned to see who will win this battle of wills. I need to get SS on my side, because JJ usually sides with P about being cautious about my health. That lovable traitor.

It's official, I am having the take down surgery on April 1st (Thursday). This was all about maximizing P's time with SS, since he is out of vacation time. It gives us four days with P focusing on SS. JJ will be here from Monday to Saturday, and yep, I changed my mind about having him here on the day of the surgery. JJ was confused and sad, but we are going on an overnight trip to celebrate his and SS's b-days on the 22nd, so I will see him before. JJ also has a finite number of days available to him and I rather he spends them with his sister, not at the hospital. Weird, I can be pragmatic when needed. This is going to sound sick, but we are so stoked about having him home for almost a week.

Although things will be easier this time around, some things will be the same. I will need the wound vac for my open stoma. Dr. JG also mentioned that he would "clean up" my huge scar. I have no idea how that monstrosity can be improved without cosmetic surgery. At least it will not be an open wound. I will also need home health care, but not for as long. Once the stoma heals, they will be out of my life.

I have a pre-op appointment on March 30, when they will inform me how to prep for the surgery. I'm giddy just thinking about it. Not looking forward to becoming a pin cushion again and I will not. I warned P that I will not submit to daily blood draws. I understood the need last time, but I came home covered in ugly bruises. How ugly? The home health nurse, who is affiliated with the hospital exclaimed "What the hell did they do to you there?" I had a similar strong reaction from the lab tech who did my blood work one week after I was home. Forget the bruises, it is the freaking pain I minded. Only one tech listened to me about where my veins were viable and they butchered me. Done with that.

On a much happier note, a few more pictures from P's old phone, taken in October 2008. Where did our baby go?

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