Friday, March 26, 2010

Bubble chaser.

SS gave her new bubble machine a try this afternoon. It was windy so we had to protect the bubble maker. SS never got the promised 5,000 bubbles per minute, but she still had a blast. The best part is that we did not have to blow bubbles for our demanding toddler. Next time I'll comb her hair and put shoes on. but there's something about SS's chubby toes and almost flat feet that gets us, they are so darn cute.

Today, I received pre-approval from our insurance for my surgery. The problem is that they have the date wrong and they approved only one day, albeit the wrong day. P called the insurance company and they approved a longer stay, a much longer stay. My husband was so proud of himself when he informed me that they approved five days. WHAT? WTF P? Seriously? Five days? Why didn't you get them to turn down the laparoscopy while you were at it, and insist on another butcher job of my torso? P is a giver, but why oh why am I at the receiving and of all that giving? There he was, standing in front of me with such pride at navigating the insurance hiccup for me, and all I wanted to do was smack him upside the head. Yeah, I get violent thoughts, but have yet to act on them. So, I have yet to enter that cesspool of contamination and death, and I'm already losing the battle to come home ASAP. SIGH. However, I am known for going MIA and scaring the daylights out of the staff, I might have to go exploring around as payback for P's generosity.


Mental note, comb SS's hair before taking her picture.

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