Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cooking bug.

What is it with kids stopping what they are doing as soon as a camera is pointed in their direction? Three times this morning SS went from Hyper speed to stone once she
saw the camera. Anyhoo, SS sported her new shades today and was mighty pleased with them.So far we have only found infant size shades for SS. She is past the strapped kind, so two year old and she is in the cusp of the big 3. I found her F*sher Pr*ce sunglasses by chance at Wally Mart. SS's nose bridge is non existent and kiddie shades slip down. This ones have a pad that sticks to the side of her head, and those suckers did stay. She really liked them, might have to get her another pair for her birthday.

SS finally uttered a few words during story time today. Carole was reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See, SS was not even looking but piped up "YELLOW DUCK!" Stood up and did an impromptu "yeah yeah, duck, duck, quack, quack," happy dance. The regulars who do doubt though my daughter was mute were stunned. even Mr. Paul had this "wow she speaks" look on his face. SS loves her ducks. Later during The Wheels on the Bus, SS did two of the hand motions, albeit half heartdly.

At home, SS managed to "lose" her sippy cup for the millionth time. I was rather annoyed and told her to look for it herself. SS placed her hand over her forehead as if shielding the sun from her eyes, took wide, exaggerated steps and stuck her head out. SS then said "I'm lookiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing," waited a few seconds and announced, "No, not here." I really need a life because that cracked me up and got me out of my funk.

This afternoon the what-if-this-thing-does-not-go-well-and-I-am-once-again-out-and-in-pain bug bit me. I gave SS her magic beans and accessories, and headed to the kitchen. By the time P came home I had six servings of Marsala chicken and a huge batch of chili. We had chili for dinner and froze enough six more dinners. This is really not me, as I have yet to find the joy of cooking. It is not something that relaxes me, although I enjoy mindlessly chopping away when I want to be alone with my thoughts. But, we do have a freezer in the garage and it was not purchased to store corn dogs and pot pies only. Hopefully I'll be able to add here and there in the next few weeks.

SS rocking her new shades. Liked them so much that she would not take them off indoors. I have always liked FP's products, because they were JJ proof. We hope they are also SS proof.

I really tried to prevent SS (via distraction) from taking something from the van. I got in her way, pointed to the basketball court, offered her a bag to carry, and told her Baba would be home soon (I know, pretty pathetic). The tiniest grabber pushed me out of the way and grabbed a bracelet, then happily posed to rub it in my face.

Watching the video below, someone would assume SS is a neat freak. Yeah, right. But there are some things that must be tidy for her, and her beans are one.

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