Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SS has come a long way becoming comfortable with needles, the sight of blood and other unpleasant things.

This morning I had my pre-op appointment. It would have been nice of them to inform us that it would take the entire freaking morning. I was told they would go over the surgery, and take blood. They forgot to add the pre-registration process, urine test, EKG, MRSA swap and chest X-ray. Good thing we always have something to eat and drink for SS. We were there from 9:40 to 1:00 p.m., and did not get to eat until that late. Not a good thing on an empty stomach.

SS was once again a trooper and reminded us how lucky we are to have her. This was my first time at the hospital since I was discharged, and it did kick my gut a little. Unlike her wimpy Mama, SS was cool and exclaimed "Mama's hospital!" That set the tone for the morning and we are so grateful. SS was paying attention to everything and did not flinch once. That is such a change from wanting to rip the face off whomever drew the short straw and had to take my vitals. That F*sher Pr*ce medical kit really paid off. So much that SS got an upgrade on one of the items.

One of the nurses gave me a scare when she mentioned that admissions may balk at having SS at the hospital. She asked if SS had the H1N1 vaccine and to bring proof on Thursday. Would you believe that unorganized me had the darn card in my purse? During lunch I had a bit of a freak out moment and told P. He reassured me that SS would be there, he would make sure of it. The man has never been the grand gesture type, but he has come through for me so far. I'm counting on saying goodbye to SS, and then looking at her beautiful face a few hours later.

After the blood draw, SS said "bad news guys." Wish she had elaborated on that thought. No idea where that came from, but her recent return to the world of mindless TV might be the cause. We are allowing Nick Jr. on a trial basis, since SS hit the magic 3. P thinks the guys part is from JJ, who has a tendency to say "hey guys," when he wants both our attention. SS did say hey guys later today. SS is going to be renamed Little Sunshine if she keeps spreading news like that two days before a surgery. She is such a mini P.

In other news, R*cky Mart*n is g@y, I know, that is such a huge shocker. As much a shocker as when Ellen came out. Their sexuality is their business alone, but please do not make a big deal of the obvious. Also, what the heck is with the fortunate homosexual comment? P and I have never described ourselves as fortunate heterosexuals. Although we were once accused of "flaunting your heterosexuality." Still cracks us up over a decade later, even though we still have no clue what it meant. Also, how did I miss that Mr. La Vida Loca had twin boys? Ah, they were born in August 2008, that grand ole time when we had just arrived from China, and could not care less if the Virgin Mary had another immaculate conception. When P texted me the news, my first thought was that R*cky Mart*n was as straight as W0W W0w Wubzy's tail. Sadly, there are a lot of female broken hearts out there. That is because they really had a shot with a celebrity. Hee hee.

In case someone does not know who W0w W0w Wubzy is.

SS trying out her travel tray. Her sippy cup is on the other side. We are slackers, all are phone pictures.

They had the coolest bug game, SS got the idea of using the magnet to move the bugs around way faster than her Mama. I was applying too much force.

Making sure Nurse B did a good job on her Mama. SS was looking the entire time and did not flinch when the needle went in, nor when she saw blood. Our daughter kicks royal a$$.

SS declared the EKG reclining chair hers, and she let out a huge "MINE!" when I had the audacity to sit as instructed. All was forgotten when SS saw Mama's torso covered with electrodes (stickers to SS). The nurse got a kick out of SS happily throwing away the "sticker" holders she gave SS and saying "garbage." SS became the designated garbage thrower during the session. Her sleeve is pulled up, because is what SS does now when she sees a nurse.

I am stuck with this nifty bracelet (NOT) until discharge. Just as I was concocting an accident that would lead me to lose it, Nurse B burst my bubble. With a big smile she stated that if it falls by accident (dude, does she read minds) I will have to go to the process of blood typing (meaning more needles) again. B@stards! And why did she have to place it on my right wrist, my watch wrist?

Starting tomorrow, I am only allowed clear liquids, and that does not include vodka and gin. I was intimidated when I saw the big jug, but I can easily down a 2 liter bottle of soda in one day. Of course that is when I do not have to.

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