Monday, March 22, 2010

How about a multiethnic restaurant?

The plan was to have Japanese for dinner. Then P asked, "how about a multiethnic restaurant with Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, American and Korean food?" JJ responded, "sounds horrible, I'm game." And that is how most of our bad decisions are made, we are gluttons for punishment. JJ was right, it was bad, but their Mongolian BBQ was really good, and P always puts together the best plates. SS arrived wired and remained like that during dinner, barely eating. She did manage to surprise us with her belligerence. We managed to have a lot of laughs, and we all knew that SS was beyond exhausted.

We came back to the room for cake and presents. Not pictured below is one of our presents to JJ, airfare to visit Grandpa in Maui. We were supposed to travel as a family in January but my surgery screwed up those plans. If we travel at all this year it would be to a family commitment in Iowa. We will have to wait until next year for SS to visit Grandpa's island, and we did not want JJ to wait.

SS was punch drunk and bouncing off the walls like a ball in a pinball machine. In a genius move, we loaded her with chocolate. Surely the caffeine would counter the hyperactivity, the paradoxical effect. Dream on losers. It went downhill from there and it took both P and I, and every ounce of patience we had to get her PJs on. For such a small creature, SS can put up a fight, and she did. Getting tired here, better recharge the old batteries and force some sleep.

P picked up a slice of Claim Jumper's Motherlode earlier today. That's right, that's one slice, and enough for six. I am not a chocolate person, but this cake is simply decadently delicious.

You can have the entire cake for your next birthday for $55.

Not only did SS begin to open one of JJ's presents (like she did not get enough), she started blowing the candles as we lit them. Because honestly, what are the odds of anyone having a birthday other than SS?

We inadvertently matched his shirt with his hat.

Stereo with docking station for JJ's iTouch.

SS getting her drink on, no wonder she was stumbling around.

Alright, flip flops to kick off summer weather.

Oh wow, a large, glow in the dark Skalanimal from JJ. Thank you big brother, you know how to woo a girl with animals that have met an untimely death. Not many people get the appeal.

SS really wanted her gift, but did not want to part with her new BFF. JJ knows how to pick the best gifts.

5,000 bubbles per minute!

We said no toys, but seriously, how can anyone resist thousands of blissful bubbles with no effort on their part?

Glow in the dark Skalanimal and glow in the dark flip flops.

She is quite a handful, but she adores her JJ.

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