Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SS and the Easter Bunny.

Today was not all about me making a dent on SS's head. We really wanted to have SS's picture with the bunny done before tomorrow and today is all we had. SS had been awake since 5:00 a.m., and did not get to the bunny dude until 11:00. She was not in the mood to smile, although she was really excited to see him and willingly sat on his lap. But the smiles were not there. I worked it as best I could, but I'm not P. When the photographer got a smile (bunny dude handed SS her gummy candy treat), SS's dress was hiked up in a very non lady like manner. So I opted for the sad shot.

When P came home for lunch he saw the picture and while he thought she looked beyond cute, the man wanted a smile. Since SS was dead to the world, P thought that after a good nap we could go back in the afternoon. My husband was on a mission to get a smile on SS's face. And instead of staying home and waiting for P, I went out to run a few errands. Then I tried to decapitate our daughter, and that ruined our second trip to see the Easter Bunny.

On the way home (before my attempt at knocking SS unconscious), we were behind a school bus that made two stops. SS was spitting bile in the backseat, but I could not understand the source of her displeasure. I looked back and she had D-O-G, and did not seem to be looking for something she dropped. I calmly asked SS to use her words, and that she did SS style. Through clenched teeth my daughter said "I SAID DRIVE." Man that was so Criminal Minds creepy. Our girl has a mercurial temper. It's time to send her to preschool and let her spread sunshine elsewhere.

The last thing I did before bed was make SS's Easter basket. I really want to be here with her Sunday. If not, P is going to have to deal with the sugar rush on his own. I broke down and got her candy, and whether or not I'm here, we know she will be having all of it for breakfast. We have never allowed much candy and never before a meal. This is going to be fun.

Our baby last year, with an actual smile and sans D-O-G. It's amazing and sad how much she has grown. I should have left her hair down to get a good comparison shot. But SS requested pig tails and P loves them. What a difference a year makes. :(

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