Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another day, another appointment.

SS is having difficulty with sleep lately, it's been a rough four days for us. She falls asleep around 7:30 and there is no way to postpone it. SS then wakes up anywhere from midnight to 2:00 a.m., and it is party hardy time. I usually fall asleep between 3-5 a.m., but now must stand guard because SS no longer just stays between us in bed. Our curious toddler is making us regret our lackadaisical attitude towards baby proofing. SS was unexpectedly good at staying away from things she was told not to touch, that was all it took, a verbal warning. Well, she is all toddler and she is roaring. The girl is into everything, closets, under the sinks, under the beds, the oven, you get the idea. I made the mistake of dozing off once, she climbed down from our bed and made quite a mess in record time. We are hoping to apply some tough love and two team SS this weekend and get her back in a sleeping schedule. I hope it works, because the lack of sleep is really affecting both of us.

I had another appointment with Dr. JG, who is very pleased with my recovery. The infection has run its course, although the larger incision is still draining right above my navel. All I need now is a big Band Aid and Neosporin. I am feeling stronger, but as usual there is something new. The area of my former stoma is hurting big time. It began yesterday morning, and it feels like the inside is being twisted constantly. Just carrying SS from the car to the doctor's office (we parked across the street and the office is only on the second floor) left me in a really bad place. Dr. JG reminded me again that I had major surgery (that answer is getting old), and that things will hurt for quite some time. Good thing that I do pain well, because it is not about to move on anytime soon. P blew me away when he told Dr. JG that I was being very good and taking care of myself. The man has never uttered those words before, the words stubborn, like a child and driving him crazy are what I usually hear from him, in between colorful words and mumbling.

We asked SS what she wanted for lunch and she excitedly let everyone at the office know that she wanted "NOO NOOS!" Saps that we are, we headed to SS's favorite Thai restaurant to indulge SS with Pad Thai. That is when she decided that our rice was a lot more appealing than the noodles she claimed to want so much. That meant that P and I relinquished quite a bit of our rice to please Her Highness, who was quite smug about it all. A creature of habit, SS always ends up eating massive amounts of Pad Thai in mid afternoon. Next time we are just going to get her noodles to go, and an order of rice to eat in.

It looks like our days of enjoying a meal with our exceptionally (in a creepy way) well behaved toddler are over. SS is becoming vocal, hyper and incredibly demanding when we dine out. She has recently decided that she is too good for bibs. She threw a a royal fit when we tried to put her bib on, and we folded to avoid ruining everyone else's lunch. I do regret my cowardly moment of weakness (the pain was a factor), because SS is not in charge, and she needs to get on board soon. Then again, the moment we engage in a battle of wills with a child, we have lost right there. It dawned on us that we have been to that restaurant quite a few times, and we are always seated at the same table. It must be the brat table.

SS and I did some shopping after lunch, since I needed a distraction from the pain. An expensive distraction, but it helped. When we got home SS and I cleaned the van, meaning that SS used the van as her personal playground, getting into everything, and "helping" to the point of madness. It was fun though, she at least tries and we know she won't when she is actually capable of helping in the future. My extended time at home is not how we planned things when we brought SS home, but I must admit that this little person has really made our previously boring existence into an adventure. We never know what she is going to throw our way on any particular day, but we sure look forward to whatever it is, no matter how sleep deprived, or in pain we are. P commented last night that having my income would certainly make life easier on us. We could take our very much missed frequent little trips and indulge in other fun things. But this time with SS is more valuable than my lost income. Watching our little girl blossom from that fifteen month old who was not eating solids, could not walk and was gaunt, into a healthy toddler, developmentally on track, with cheeks, a cute belly and a million watt smile is priceless. I never expected to have that opportunity, and although it is lonely and I do crave the intellectual stimulation, I would not trade it for anything. This front row seat to the miracle that is SS is a blessing, an unexpected gift.

SS can hardly contain her excitement of yet another visit to Dr. JG's office.

Sexy Baba.

SS is getting a lot of use out of this Christmas present. We just keep it in the van now, good for keeping SS busy during appointments and lunches.

It was good to get back to our once a week lunch out with Baba routine.

Helping Mama clean the van.

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