Sunday, April 04, 2010

Unconventional Easter.

Dr. SS had an exhausting day and crashed right next to Mama. Although she was very restless Thursday and Friday nights, she slept peacefully last night. P and even insomniac me slept well.

Nurse J was my night nurse last October and gave me a hug as soon as she saw me. If you have read here, it is obvious that I'm the patient from hell. Heck, I would run the other way if I saw me. Nurse J was there the night Abu made a scene and she was so nice and understanding. I think anyone else would have banned Abu after such behavior. P was in a difficult situation, he had to get my mother out of there, thus cutting short vital SS-Mama time. The man was furious, but Nurse J told him she would keep an eye on a very embarrassed me, and she did. Funny how a complete stranger can have more compassion for a person than the so much touted flesh and blood. It was really good to see her again.

My friend Mr. Drip is gone, but the Norco is working well. I spiked two more so called fevers and that is now the hold up. Dr. JG's partner said yesterday that I will most likely go home today. Once the not a fever clears.

That big Sn00py that SS is hogging is mine. P bought it for me around Christmas and told SS it was for Mama's hospital stay and she could not have him. Our daughter is a great listener.


Brenda said...

Wow - they actually had an empty ged for 3 nights in a row and let SS sleep there? Or am I misunderstanding? This seems so strange to me. But I'm sure glad you're doing better and on the way home (although I think you should keep your ass in that bed..)

2china4S said...


We found it equally strange, both times. In October, the second bed was empty from the third day until we left. An orderly came in right after my roommate left, stated they were slammed and needed the bed right away, but a patient did not materialize. The charge nurse said it would be OK for SS and P to spend the night, and they did, twice.

This time the bed was empty my entire stay. One of the nurses told me they would not use it until absolutely necessary and again allowed them to spend the night. But we did it just once.

Not only that, they also fed my kid, although we brought food for her. P calls it the SS effect. I am not exactly the lucky type, but we have not had a single bad experience with the nursing staff there. All have been so wonderful, accommodating and understanding. And sadly, I have had a lot of experience as a patient. Although I was very low on the list of priorities (walking around, self-sufficient, not screaming in pain), we were surprised at how often they checked on me just because and how quickly they came when I needed something. Maybe it is because SS is the most charming doctor they have worked with. :)

SS is going to return with brownies or cookies and thank you cards.

I am home, but it is truly the best for me (even P agreed). I could not find a comfortable spot on the bed or the chair. At home I have my recliner (it's actually P's) and my very comfy bed. Is working so much better, because that area still hurts.