Saturday, April 03, 2010

Minor setback.

I awoke with a so called fever this morning, only 101. I don't consider anything under 103 a fever. But they do not see things my way here. Plus, I had just finished my juice when Nurse B took my vitals. I had to have blood drawn on two different places this time. The phlebotomist sucked big time, it's going to bruise ugly. Dr. JG is coming this afternoon to look at the incisions. I doubt I'll be going home today. The nurses are amazing, I lucked out big time. But SS needs me home.

As much as we prepared SS, and she is having a blast playing Dr. SS, she is only three. She is afraid of the IVs and any other tube protruding from my body. I pushed to have the catheter removed , and that was one less tube and I ditched the hospital gown. SS did much better when she saw me in jammies. But the IV and drip still scare her. She won't sit down next to me, let alone cuddle. She wants to, is too afraid, then becomes frustrated. She is the reason I have minimized the pain I feel. Not a smart move, but it slays me when SS hurts. Then last night I picked up SS and got in big trouble with P and the nurse. That one was not my fault. Dr. JG told me I could lift up to 40 pounds, and SS is only 26. Apparently I was not supposed to lift one day after surgery. See? Totally not my fault and P should feel awful for getting mad (really mad) at me.

Milchelle, not only are they giving me good drugs, they don't think I'm using the drip enough. They keep remnding me to press the button every ten minutes. This is junkie heaven. :) Brenda, I'll do my best to stay a reasonable amount of time. But SS has gone through so much that I do not want to add more trauma to her young mind. JJ will be home Monday, and we hope it will help SS.

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Michelle said...

You push that button as often as you need to! And that's an order! Said in the kindness of ways of course. :)