Monday, April 05, 2010

SS's excellent hospital adventure.

We should have probably substituted traumatic for excellent, but we are trying to keep things positive. This time around things were so different and we are grateful for the change. I think my biggest discomfort is due to the bloating from the IV fluids. Last year, it took them 6 days to flood me with fluids and I left the hospital 15 pounds heavier. Dr. JG went full throttle with the fluids this time and by Saturday, I was asking the nurse to please slow down the flow, and thankfully she did after looking at me. I am sure I have gained as much water weight in such a short amount of time and it feels awful. That is a lot to add water or otherwise in three days. Pain I can do well, but this discomfort leads to a serious foul mood. Reminds me of my last week of pregnancy with JJ. Yeah, that good, so good I hurried up to do it again. Snort. I still have water pills from last year and started taking them.

When we discussed the surgery with Dr. JG, he made it clear that I would have an open colostomy wound, would go home with a wound vac and would need home health care. I was not thrilled about the WV (just the inconvenience), but at least the atrocious 13 inch scar would not be reopened. Imagine my surprise when I woke up in recovery, sans wound vac. The doctor used Permabond instead of stitches, think of it as super glue. That really helps aesthetically. We will ask him next week what changed, not that we are complaining. I am grateful to have returned to some semblance of how I was on October 27. As I have said many times, this is not a ride I would have ever signed up for, but am so glad I had SS riding shotgun. P and JJ were also integral parts of my recovery. I am calm today, because I know SS will be well cared for by her brother. One thing we admire about JJ is that he does, he does not ask what he can do. That was so helpful last year when SS got caught in the middle of the drama. JJ just took his sister out to play, out of the madness. We love that about him.

On the hospital's gourmet food. This is what I had for B-L-D, jello, sorbet, hot tea, broth, and 4 ounces of juice. Had is a stretch, I don't drink tea (hot or cold), and do not care for jello, sorbet or broth. SS ended up eating most of my food. Makes sense because not even a five year old would touch that three times a day. When I was upgraded to "full liquids," they added cream of whatever soup (double yuck). Since I last had solid food Tuesday afternoon, I was giddy with delight.

SS did a great job getting out of her crib this morning. She knows Mama still has an ouchie and she was excited about helping.

Day 1:

We stopped by P's work first, where a very proud Baba showed off the littlest, cutest doctor ever. He then posed with his lab coat, look at P's face, so into his little girl. That is sulfuric acid on P's coat.

She looks like she is on her way to D*sney. The ladybug backpack is not my stuff. It's full of SS's snacks and entertainment.

Rechecking Mama's vitals, SS trusts no one.


The first thing the pre-op showed us was the TV.

During Per-op I was taking to SS in Spanish, when Nurse K commented "I think it's so nice that you have a commitment to your culture and talk to her in Puerto Rican." HUH? P was doing his best not to bust out laughing, it was very hard for him. I said "It's just Spanish." Nurse K then told me that she has a friend who speaks Spanish from Spain, and it is definitely different. "You must speak a Puerto Rican dialect of Spanish." I understand the accent part and was able to speak to Nurse K, just like her friend, much to her surprise. Nothing to it, it's like English in America vs. English in England. Still she was convinced it was not the same language.

When Nurse K excused herself, we were able to let it all out. But we are still puzzled, first our doctor calling it Mexican, and now the nurse calling it Puerto Rican. These are not dumb, nor uneducated women. Why is such a simple concept so hard to grasp? Are we as Americans so narrow minded that we cannot comprehend something so simple, just because it does not apply to us? We hope our kids do much better.

Day 2:

Baba, get out of MY bed.

Not intimidated by the IV when it suited her needs.

Taking care of Baba.

Blood draws are SS's current favorite. We wonder why.

Walking with Mr. Drip.

Same window, 10/29/09.

Dr. SS, please make yourself at home. "Don't mind if I do."

Day 3:

Another quirk SS shares with her brother. They both scare(d) me by completely covering themselves. JJ began as an infant, and SS was doing it when we met, so she probably did the same.

Waiting room outside pediatric wing.

Thank you Nurse JN, this is one yummy cookie.

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