Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rock stars have only one name.

A few months before SS's third birthday we began working on having her become accustomed to her full name. That is first, middle and both (hyphenated) last names, quite a mouthful with someone with limited language skills. Oh, and with lazy parents who waited way too late to take such an important step regarding information vital to her safety. Let's face it, we can't tag her indefinitely. Right?

We need to learn that our plans do not matter one bit to Ms. I Do What I Want. SS is absolutely repulsed by her full name and won't stand us uttering it in her presence. She reacted to it as adversely as she reacted to her first sight of a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch (that was really bad). She placed her hands out and said "NOOOOOOOOOOO, STOP IT! NO -insert a drunken like slurred version of her last names- seriously funny. I need to tape it one of these days, but won't be able to share it for obvious reasons.

We were a bit puzzled and waited a few days, we tried again with the same results. SS does not even want to hear her first and middle names together. The weird thing about that is that I use her middle name quite often, it is a sure way of getting her attention when she is very distracted. It seems that much to P's consternation, I do have the pronunciation down. HA! She would counter our efforts by yelling her nickname. Thanks JJ, we knew this would somehow come back to bite us in the a$$. ;) In our true cowardly fashion, we tried a few more times, but SS was very agitated and we just stopped. Come on, no one expected different from us lightweights.

SS has decided that rock stars go by only one name, and that is the path she has chosen. We wonder what will happen when the realization of her limited vocal ability hits her. We have resigned ourselves to tag her until she chooses a life partner. When P walks SS down the aisle, he will hand SS's partner her name tags, from then on it's up to that lucky individual to keep tabs on her. Maybe by then we will have a chip inserted in SS and keep tabs on her through our GPS and cell phones.

Here is our rock star happily rocking out an ear damaging tune. I took two short videos, but U Tube refuses to load them. I am going to ask P to try again, because I have reached my colorful language and groaning limit for the next three months. SS does look cute in her we are never going to let her take that path until she earns a real degree outfit. :)

We really dig the hair extensions. I have told P that next time we go to China Town (or when we return to China) I am going to have several strands on SS's hair dyed neon orange (most likely) or neon pink. Heck, I did it with JJ and it is a great contrast with dark hair, plus makes them easy to spot in a crowd. I might try it next Halloween, since I used to do the same to my hair every October. It was a lot of fun showing up to court (and testifying) dressed completely professionally, and with neon orange hair. P always got a kick out of it.

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