Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not large but in charge.

We had another laid back day. P and I are finally caught up with Flashforward. It's really going to suck having to wait a week in between episodes. We made grilled chicken with basil sauce for dinner and chocolate chip muffins for dessert. I found the recipes (and others) in a blog I discovered recently. SS helped with the muffins, but no pictures, did not feel like picking up a camera. Weird, huh? I'm wimping out in my old age because I am still feeling the effects of Friday. But I am listening to P, taking it easy, as difficult as it is.


July 9, 2008

P's reaction to the pictures, "Holy crapola, look at the difference!" Twenty-one months do make a difference. We are so blessed that of all the children in China, we were chosen to care for and love the most amazing one. We could not have done better biologically, not even close, no freaking way.

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