Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Subliminal indoctrination of our Chinese children through Ni Ha0 K@i L@n.

A few months ago, I came across an interesting thread at an international adoption website. The poster was at a loss for a comeback over something a friend said. The mother had just returned from China and was discussing the trip with her friend. The friend suddenly turned serious and wanted to make sure that the mother knew that her Chinese daughter had been "brainwashed" to eventually become an agent against the U.S. Stupid people are such a gift at times, the gift of laughter. I was surprised at the replies to that post. Completely taken aback by how many parents of Chinese children have been told the same. The messenger is always very serious about this, and sadly, most often a relative. Let's hear it for the good ole flesh and blood myth again.

I told P about it and wondered what his response would be. P was actually excited, and wished it would happen sooner rather than later. Huh? I would not be looking forward to hearing such rubbish, what's with the dude? P happily explained that he would undertake the same serious demeanor and respond, "We know, we knew before going to China and we prepared. As soon as we came home we reprogrammed SS. When the Chinese government activates her, SS will engage in counterespionage. SS is going to be a double agent." The thing is that I can see P doing just that, and with a straight face. He is a firm believer that stupid people have whatever is coming to them. And P is the guy to humor their ridiculous sense of paranoia, which they mistake for patriotism. Would love to be there if it happens.

This morning, JJ was for the first time paying attention to Nick Jr., and having a WTF fest. Where are D0ra's and Dieg0's parents? Is it wise to teach preschoolers that they can walk up to a wild animal and play like it was a stuffed toy? Why are the animals on these shows always getting into messes brought upon by stupidity? And on, and on. I had a great time watching him, remembering when he was hooked on senseless cartoon crap. How easy we forget. One of JJ's favorites was DTV Hits, where they made music videos, using snippets fro D*sney films and specials. JJ's favorite video was Bad Moon Rising. Always got a kick out of barely 4 year old JJ walking around singing, "Don't go around tonight, well it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise." Half-way through Ni Ha0 K@i L@n JJ had an epiphany. He said, "Mom, the Chinese are using this show to indoctrinate the children until they are activated." It is a sad day when I come across as the rational one in this family. P thought JJ's accidental discovery was "awesome." I honestly pity the stupid person who encounters these two.

P's car would not start this morning, and now JJ is SS's, mine and P's chauffeur. The guy gets more responsibilities and zero pay. We went shopping in the afternoon, the weather was glorious, 75 degrees. SS wore her new glow in the dark Reef sandals and was in open toe heaven. It was weird not schlepping SS around. We do so much shopping together that it is second nature to get her in and out of shopping carts. But I am being very good, and know regardless of the up to 40 pounds allowance, I will not be picking up SS anytime soon.

SS proved again why she is not big sister material. She would kill a younger sibling, heck she's been trying to off her older brother since she came home. I bought a large order of fries to munch while we shopped. JJ absentmindedly grabbed one, only to feel a tug. He looked just in time to see SS snatch 3/4 of his fry away. JJ got to keep what was between his thumb and index finger. The best part was SS's killer face. We have to give SS credit for going against someone stronger, bigger and taller than her.

JJ made an excellent garlic chicken pizza for dinner. I helped with the prep, but he did the real work. We are going to have to make another one.

I only had one incident of fever today, a very mild one. But since the fun that is me never stops, I am now dealing with a swollen, numb area. Dr. JG had used a permanent pen to draw circles on certain areas. Those areas are now inflamed and red, can't wait to see what good news he will deliver tomorrow.

I only took one picture today, the bunny picture below was snapped by JJ. One would think that I would be in full paparazzo from hell mode. Nah, not feeling it. Instead, we are taking in how quiet it is around here. JJ is not on the phone 24/7 screaming, crying and making us miserable. He has yet to insult us by saying that his sister is well trained, practically a Sea World seal and can change her own damn diapers. I am ashamed to say that he has done all the care taking. SS did need Mama cuddle time this morning, and sat on my lap for over an hour. Poor JJ cringed every time his hyper sister moved or stuck her elbow on my incisions, or head butted my stomach. It's what SS does when she is excited, she loses whatever little control she had over her body. But she was not malicious and I am pretty good at deflecting.

Last night P went to bed around 10:00 p.m. Nothing unusual there, except that SS was wide awake downstairs. Had JJ not been here, P would have needed to stick around until her highness slept, and then place her in her crib. It's those seemingly little things that we are so grateful we do not have to worry about. When P comes home, he does not have to worry about what drama has transpired during his absence, or in what emotional state he is going to find SS and I. He does wonder what stupid move I made, and if I managed to hurt myself. But that is a daily occurrence with me. We love having JJ here, we might kidnap him for good.

SS's bunny ears a big on her, and once they fell off on Sunday, I could not get her to wear them again. I so wanted a picture of her with her bunny ears, but SS would not cooperate. Enter JJ, who just places the ears on her, and the child does not protest.

SS with her big girl game.

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