Friday, April 02, 2010

Doing much better.

The picture is blurry, but Dr. SS is wearing Snoopy scrubs today. Yesterday things were ugly in the pain department. Nurse E requested authorization for Toradol along with the Dilaudid drip. By 9:00 p.m. the pain had decreased significantly, and this morning I felt much better. That is, until it was time to walk. My body did not enjoy the walk and repaid me in kind. Another shot of Toradol made things much better. I walked twice this morning, and the second walk was around the entire floor. Tough on the body but I needed to do it. Dr. JG will be here in the afternoon, and my campaign to be home by Sunday begins.

Dr. SS is doing as well as expected being away from her Mama. Last night I did not sleep at all, P hardly slept and SS was restless all night. Co-dependence bit our backsides.


Brenda said...

K - keep your ass in that hospital a few days longer than you want to! I know you want to go home, but stay where you are monitored 24/7 as long as you can string it out. You'll be home soon!

Brenda said...

K - BEHAVE!!! Stay where you are cared for as long as they tell you that you need to. You'll be home soon enough and that little SS is one tough little cookie. P is such a good father, JJ will be there. CHILL OUT!!! ENJOY the gourmet hospital food. XO