Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!!

We made it home late in the afternoon, with SS singing the entire way. The funniest bit was "simmer down SS." Baba taught her that one. Since SS spent Halloween at the hospital, we made it up to her in the candy department. Good thing that every Holiday equates candy and gifts. We turned SS loose with her basket and forgot all about dinner. She enjoyed the goodies and ate as much candy and chocolate as her little stomach would accommodate.

After dinner (for us) and the sugar comma, we snuggled together upstairs and watched the Am@zing R@ce. SS was out cold before the end and we were thankful that the sugar G0ds took pity on our foolish, yet well intended souls.We then kicked SS out of bed, because she was sleeping without thrashing, but for now, I need to sleep sitting. If SS woke up and saw me sitting, she would think it's party time and no one would sleep.

The pain is there but so much different than last time. I came home to a quiet house, and my daughter was not sucked into a vortex of unnecessary drama. Is SS hypersensitive now? Of course, she is only three and saw her Mama in pain. But she is so much easier to handle, to bring back when she cries.

My next unexpected hurdle will take place next morning, getting SS out of her crib. There is no way I can pull that off myself. I am going to have to teach her how to climb out on her own, with my assistance. Hopefully she will not attempt to break out on her own later. JJ will be here tomorrow until Sunday morning, so I do not have to worry about this again.

Hope everyone had a great, quiet Easter. Although unconventional and low key, we cherished ours.

First basket I have ever put together.

For me?

Solid chocolate, JJ is going to enjoy changing that diaper. We know he will, because we are saving it for tomorrow. Yeah, we are evil.

Oh drat, these are not edible.

Robin eggs. Not pictured, M&Ms, jelly beans, giant chick sugar cookie, Nemo fruit snacks, and original gummy bears. Plus, Nurse J gave SS a pretty pink bunny sugar cookie at the hospital. SS swallowed that cookie in record time.

SS now has two extra sunglasses to add to her collection.

Wow, my own hand held bubble maker.

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