Thursday, April 01, 2010

Let's get this takedown out of the way.

This post should be published as I am checking in at the hospital. Let's face it, it is courageous (or incredibly stupid) to schedule a fairly delicate procedure on April Fool's Day. And at the same time it's so us. Gotta add some levity to the situation. Unlike my previous foray into the slice and dice arena, we had the opportunity to prepare SS. Well, as much as one can prepare a three year old. We started last Christmas with the medical kit and it really helped her with regular medical check ups. SS stopped trying to claw the eyes off the poor souls assigned to take my vitals. I have talked (blatantly lied) to SS , almost daily about Mama going back to the hospital, and how excited (not) I am about going there so I can get better soon. SS listens to me babble about this fantabulous hospital stay, then sums it up 3-year old style, "Mama no C bag?" That's right my love, no more annoying C bags for Mama. I also talk about how we will be able to return to our walks and later on to the water park and aquatic center. Just doing my best to place a positive spin and hopefully prevent a major regression.

A while back we came across the cutest personalized scrubs on another blog, and I showed them to P. I jokingly told him that it would be cute to have Dr. SS in scrubs, and bring her to the hospital, along with her working stethoscope. Since we are useless at preventing the other from acting juvenile, P jumped on the idea, and added a personalized lab coat as well. P excitedly told me that he would wear his personalized lab coat to match SS. A first happened, common sense somehow made it to my atrophied brain and I had to kindly decline. A 3-year old playing doctor when Mama is in the hospital is cute. A grown man doing the same will make people wonder about our parental adequacy. I do want to postpone that Social Services visit for as long as possible. It is touching the things P will do for his little girl. He is SO whipped.

Thanks to Abuela and Abuelo (aka the Abus) for SS's professional threads. It's part II (apron kit was part I) of their Dia de Reyes gift.

We have never posted in advance and hope it works. We do not know how far they will allow SS to accompany me this time. Back in October everyone but me knew how bad it was, and she was allowed to be with me until just outside the operating room. See you on the flip side.

The pictures and the post were done on March 10. I knew I would not feel like posting this morning.

They are accepting them into medical school really young these days.

Oh come on Baba, being in debt for the rest of your (and Mama's) life after paying for medical school is not that bad. Tell you what, since I like you guys so much, you each get your yearly medical check up pro bono.

Baba, it's bad, really bad, and there is no cure. I have wormed my way into your heart, you are a goner, resistance is futile.

SS making sure that Baby H0lden is in tip top shape. Yes, she named her female doll after her male cousin. We are sure that Baby H is very secure in his maleness and won't mind.

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