Saturday, April 17, 2010

She who celebrates too early gets slapped back into reality.

Look for that nugget of wisdom inside your next fortune cookie. It is sadly, oh so true. I had an awful day yesterday, excruciating pain, cramps and vomiting until 9:30 p.m. By 2:00 p.m. my energy was depleted and I could not even put up a happy front for SS. I called P and told him to get ready for a pity party, and I just vented for about three minutes. I was mad, mad as hell, and feeling very sorry for myself. I did not just get slapped back into reality, I got b*tch slapped back into reality. Since I was puking I could not take pain meds and I did not see an end to the pain. Then at 9:30 p.m. it was like a switch was turned off, that is how quickly it stopped, it was bizarre. I wanted to take a shower, but knew I could not stand up long enough and did not want to risk having an I fell and can't get up moment. Once I felt better I hightailed it to the shower, to get some sense of normalcy and wash the yuckiness (I know, not a word) away.

P and I are in the middle of a Flashforward marathon. That show about the whole planet blacking out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds on October 6, 2009. People had a flashforward to April 29, 2010, had a vision of where they would be. We watched the first episode last October but for some reason I did not get into it. Maybe because of the ban on TV I did not want to commit. We talked about it with JJ last week and now I'm hooked. How cool would it be to see where you are going to be six months from now? That is, unless you are going to be dead, then I don't think it would be nearly as neat. The best part about this brain atrophy marathon is that it is commercial free.

We have had a very lazy Saturday. Last night P stated that he wanted to sleep in this morning. And he did, until 7:30 a.m. His internal clock does him in during the weekends. Although he was up, he was still tired, chugging along. We spent the morning watching Flashforward, then P ran some errands. We had lunch and fatigue caught up with Sunshine, he slept for almost four hours. SS and I went outside to play and it felt so good. The plan was to take SS to the park but we did not have it in us. P wants to go to the river trail tomorrow for a very slow walk. I really need to get off my rear end and get moving.

SS is doing well considering what she is up against. She is not happy about her Baba fussing over her Mama and is being very vocal about it. I do feel sorry for Ms. Center of the Universe, it has to sting. Last night she napped late and we allowed her, but she woke up from a bad dream and she was uncontrollable. SS's limbs were all over the place, we have never seen her so aggressive after a nightmare. P could not control her and I could not even try, I did not have the strength. All she said was "No, oh no Baba, oh NO!" It was really painful to watch her so upset and not have a clue as to what was bothering her young mind.

After his nap P stayed outside with SS so I could post. Now back to Flashforward.

We had a lot of rain earlier in the week and we forgot to return SS's car to the garage. SS was brokenhearted about her car getting wet and set out to dry it off.

SS finally got the hang of using her feet to move the car. The girl is lazy and was relying on us to push her around. Today I used my sick card and refused to push her. That did the trick and SS learned to power her car on her own.

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