Tuesday, April 06, 2010

JJ is in charge, SS refuses to read the memo.

JJ arrived yesterday afternoon, and SS promptly ignored him as punishment for taking his time driving safe through snow (just at the beginning). SS is one tough customer. When he arrived, JJ noticed that I had some ingredients out, asked where I was in the recipe and wanted to take over. But since he had a long drive I just wanted him to spend time with his cruel sister. Everything was going well until I got a chill. My temperature was barely 100.8, and I made the terrible mistake of telling P. He wanted me to call the doctor's office, and for once I listened. By the time I was done talking to Dr. JG my temperature was up to 102.5, and I felt lousy. It appears that Dr. JG's partner was supposed to send me home with antibiotics. Dr. JG was not happy about the omission (his mumbling was amusing). Some Tylenol took care of the fever last night.

I had a 9:00 a.m. appointment with Dr. JG, and it felt so weird not to have SS there with us. The incision area is a bit infected and I need to return Thursday (I also got antibiotics). Dr. JG assured us that it is rare to have another surgery. Worst case scenario is an abscess that he would wait to drain 10 days post-op. He also let us know that he removed more diverticula, so that scan was not accurate. Not concerned, I have a lot more intestine there.

With the pesky fever situation out of the way, Dr. JG moved on to the sermon part of the appointment. He reminded me that I had major surgery (well aware here), and said that most people spend one week in the hospital. Dr. JG went on to say that after discharge, most people do not do "anything" for at least one month. Sermon ended with "no one tries to get back to life so quickly." My question was how the heck did he know or felt knowledgeable that I was trying to get back to life. P noted that I was walking the day after surgery. Well, from the moment I opened my eyes in recovery, I was repeatedly told that the sooner I walked the better. Maybe they should get their expectations together before passing them on to the patients. Also, what have I done since Thursday? That's right, n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Later in the day I was discussing this with JJ, who kindly interrupted me to say, "But Mom that IS exactly what you are doing, trying to get back to life." Again, why did I have him? Work with me JJ, work with me. At least SS is on my side, for now.

When I returned home from my appointment JJ and SS were still asleep. Somehow I was sure that JJ heard me come in and walk upstairs. I took my meds and dozed off. I awoke to the sound of JJ doing dishes, and SS watching TV. SS was not wailing, always a good sign. My first instinct was to get out of bed and cuddle with SS. I do not like pawning her off when I am nearby, but fatigue got the best of me and I stayed a while longer. JJ was surprised to see me when I made it downstairs, since he thought I was still at the doctor's office. SS had a clean diaper on, her milk sippy and Cheerios, and no desire to be with Mama other than to say hi.

After lunch JJ took SS to the basketball court in her Cozy Coupe, to use their birthday snappers. We neglected to get them out in Monterey. I stayed inside on the recliner and out of trouble. When they returned, JJ came in to ask me for bubbles. I showed him the machine and was going to step outside for a moment when SS stopped me. She placed both hands in front of her, "No Mama no outside. SS and JJ outside. STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP." I am yesterday's news, SS has moved on. SS and JJ played with bubbles and listened to 80's music, while I remained banished indoors. It was really good to have alone time, since the pain was pretty nasty.

As happy as SS is to have JJ all to herself, she is not happy about being disciplined. She loves to bully her brother and when everything is OK he allows her to become a tiny tyrant. Instinctively JJ knew that this is not one of those times, and SS could not stop attempting to be in charge. JJ did a great job redirecting her and keeping her entertained. I am going to do my best to let go and not interfere. I did promise P that I would work hard at recuperating, because next week is just SS and I.

After dinner we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad, a series on A&E. P turned to me during a break and said "it's great to see them together you know." Yes P, it is, it is really great.

SS scored a cook duck and a ninja duck from JJ. Her collection is growing.

Come on JJ, we can both fit easily.

Guess whose life must now revolve around the mail.

SS tried her best to snap one but I could not hear it. That did not stop her from declaring herself the winner.

Just realized she plays air guitar left handed.

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