Saturday, July 03, 2010

Baba rider.

P's valiant role play as SS's own whale sent him to bed last night at 7:00 p.m., and SS followed him an hour later. I was pretty spent but my left lower leg was burning and I could not fall asleep. Initially I thought it was sunburn, but no, my skin was not red. It wasn't until I was applying aloe that my brain registered what happened. Even though I still have nasty nightmares about the ATV accident, my leg caught in the wheel well, while the darn wheel spun (I accidentally accelerated when my leg got caught), and the sight of my skinless lower left leg (left side from the knee to the ankle), it is not something I consciously spend time thinking about. My doctor was floored about my recovery, and said she never thought I would heal "so well" and get so much skin back. But there is that area, the part where the wheel spun that never fully recovered. Since the accident I have not spent much time in the sun, because the sun hardly ever shone where we lived. And while the not completely healed (meaning it looks horrible) area is very noticeable I am thankfully too busy to dwell on it. But sun exposure will affect that area so much more and last night was the first time I really felt it. OUCH! Never trust an ATV, those things are death traps, always go with two wheels. There are very little accidents on dirt bikes compared with the gory mess that ATVS yield. Sadly, P did not believe me until I paid the price, but his legs are fine. Lucky me. As much as I loathe SPF higher than 8, I need to start using something stronger on that area. Just what I need, another freaking reminder of that day. OK, done with my rant.

This afternoon we renewed our passes for the aquatic center. It is open until 8 p.m. but the overcast weather prevented us from going last month. SS was so happy to return to the play structure, but was initially timid. It is going to take her a while to get back to her daredevil ways. P could not wait to get SS to the deep side to start the swimming drill. SS had a better idea, because really who needs to learn how to swim when you have a Baba capable of carrying you on his back. SS went into hyper barnacle mode and rode her Baba all over the pool. We played a lot and I am surprised that P is still awake as I write this.

Two years ago P and I were finishing our packing for our trip to China. We were excited and could hardly believe that we would meet our daughter in three days. Two years, WOW, time stands still during the wait, but it goes by so fast once you hold that amazing little person in your arms. It was the night before the beginning of the most amazing and important trip in our lives. I know that it is normal for some parents to feel a void for not experiencing pregnancy, the rush to the hospital and the miracle of birth. Well, a trip to China to meet your child sure beats the hell out of the boring drive to the hospital. The opportunity to spend two weeks in such an amazing country, while parenting out of suitcases and hotel rooms sure beats the hell out of the hospital stay. And no matter how long and tense the flight home is with a child who has barely been two weeks in your arms, it sure beats the hell out of the drive home from the hospital. It's been two years and we are still in a bit of a daze. We knew we loved SS before we ever received her referral or saw her picture. We knew nothing would change our love for her once we met, but we never expected to be blessed in this manner. At times we wonder if the CCAA knew what they were doing placing such a loving, kind, talented and beautiful child with us. Do we deserve her, do we deserve this? No givesy backsies, she is ours forever, and we are eternally grateful.

Happy to be back in the coolest play structure ever.

Girly bathing suit a birthday present from Grandpa.

Getting used to her goggles. SS loves sunglasses but she is still lukewarm about her goggles.

A very tired and cold SS. Those laps really took it out of her.

SS enjoying her first slide of the season, then doing her drama queen bit.

Obviously I am not the only soquete parent here.

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