Monday, July 19, 2010

An hour through SS's eyes.

At dinner I was encouraging SS to finish her last two bites. Our daughter is such a slow eater that it tries our patience at times. I told her that as soon as she was done with dinner she could help me place the clothes in the dryer. Dude, she finished those two bites in seconds , and with a full mouth happily exclaimed "(Y)eah helf Mama wif dwyer." SS had Mexican rice with kidney beans and I did not even have to mention that she was getting a slushie for dessert. Do all three year olds get so excited about things most adults find a tedious chore? I sometimes feel bad because SS should be doing toddler things, running around without having a care in the world. Instead she gets excited about cooking and sweeping. That is just wrong. Then I see the pride in that little face, the sense of accomplishment. When she was done helping she ran to P, skipping and announcing, "Baba I helf Mama wif dryer!"

SS is really into using her phone to take pictures. She spent about an hour snapping away this afternoon. The pictures below are terrible; but take in consideration that SS is only three, using a first generation iPhone, and must hold the phone with one hand, and use her finger to snap the picture. P was impressed that SS recognized the camera logo on the phone. I wasn't, the girl has had a camera pointed at her daily for the past two years. Now not only does SS need a Leapster but a kid friendly camera. She really enjoys taking pictures, and we are suckers for making her happy. I am annoyed at myself because I considered getting her one for her birthday, but thought that SS was not there yet. Dumb mistake, because now we have so many unnecessary things on our spending list. UGH, this makes me even more annoyed. Petty but true.

Michelle thank you so much for all your help today, you were amazing. Thanks for your continued support.

OK, now SS's first photography exhibit. We give you An Hour Through SS's Eyes:

OMG, look at the difference in color between our feet! Have I mentioned how jealous I am of SS's skin color? OK, and her hair, her small feet, her beauty and her tiny hiney. Recently someone said that SS was "the whole package." That lady was spot on.

I should have known the dryer would make an appearance. And you can even (sorta) see our tiny shutterbug's reflection.

I did not know my phone was so interesting.

Refrigerator magnets.

SS's snow cone/slushie machine. We bought it the summer before SS came home and until then it was our Margarita maker.

Yummy cherry slushie.

The cute artist (P took the pic).

Hoping to eventually get this one, but not in pink.


Whatshername's Mummy said...

I've been reading your blog for a long while now - not sure just how long.
My DD is from Kunming and we live in Wales. She's also a technology junkie (me too!) We have the camera that you've suggested, I'd save your money and buy a cheapish normal digital camera - in our experience the kiddy one takes terrible photos (even with an adult taking them). If SS can look after an Iphone then she'll cope with a grown up digital camera and get better results.
I've got a Nintendo DS and my DD loved it so much that she asked for one last Christmas (3y 2m then), I got her a Leapster and it's great with a little education thrown in too.

2china4S said...

Hi Kate :)

Thank you for delurking, it is always good to hear from the parent of a Yunnan child. There are few here in the U.S. Also thank you for the tips regarding the Leapster and digital camera. While I am into technology, video games are not my thing. Hopefully SS will be able to navigate the Leapster without too much trouble.

I would not say that SS can look after an iPhone. It is P's first one and it was only collecting dust, so we initially thought about it in terms of music. A heck of a lot cheaper than getting her an iPod, and it already had 4 days worth of music in it. SS just took off with the picture taking on her own. I actually found an old digital camera I had completely forgotten about, and SS really surprised us by handling it very well.