Saturday, July 31, 2010

SS meets her cousins.

****Friday's post.*****

After our long day yesterday it was good to wake up knowing that our only goal was to be at the rehearsal dinner by 7:00 p.m. P's cousin P is getting married tomorrow, the reason why we are here. The wedding is in Clinton, Iowa, and we are staying just across the river in Illinois. P chose this hotel because it has an indoor swimming pool. The out of town guests are staying at the casino hotel in Iowa. We are OK driving 15 minutes to make sure that SS gets her water fix.

SS was very excited about meeting her cousins.

First time using the DVD player this trip.

SS, Uncle M and Baby H, who weights about one pound less than our daughter.

Cousin B, SS and Grand Min. I spent the night trying to get them to look at the camera at the same time without success.

Aunt C (P's younger sister), CB, SS and P.

They have the same smile.

Cousin H showing lazy 11 month olds how it's done. He is not only handsome and strong but also such an easy going baby.

CG, the beautiful bride to be and Cousin P, the handsome groom to be.

The girls meet Baby J, Cousin P's nephew.

The C cousins and three of their children (minus Baby J and Baby E).

SS picked this cool PJs and could not wait to wear them.

SS with one of the gifts from Nana and Grand Min.

SS gets such a kick out of helping, and here she is ready to move on to the next state and the next hotel.

This is pretty much what SS and Cousin B did during the rehearsal dinner. I don't think either one ate much and whatever they ate they burned immediately.

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