Monday, July 26, 2010

SS's first haircut with us.

We are aware that hair should be trimmed every six weeks. So why wait two years after SS arrived home for a haircut? Easy, we are lazy and procrastinate... just kidding. This time we do have a reason. SS had her head shaved at least once before we met. Her referral mugshot clearly shows a shaved head. We suspect twice because of the rate that her hair grows, and the little hair she had when we met. For some reason we were not in a hurry to cut her hair. But she really needed a trim and we felt she could handle a little cut. We were concerned about her reaction, but once she got on the horse and the stylist turned the TV on (Tom and Jerry cartoon), SS was sold.

We did not want to cut more than an inch for now. Grandpa loves SS's hair, and when he first met her he requested that we not cut her hair. I asked him if he planned to move next door and do the maintenance long hair requires. I have had long hair and it is a pain in the rear end to keep up. Grandpa lucked out because we did not want to cut her hair too soon, and SS really looks much better with long hair. Abu is a fan of page cuts and bangs (gag me), but P and I are not fans of that type of cut. Bangs are a pain in the neck to grow out, and we have yet to see a child look good with them. I think it is because they cover part of the face and a child's face should always be front and center. Then there is the whole stereotypical aspect of it. So we are keeping the long hair until SS visits Grandpa and he gets his silky smooth, dark hair fix. We will then decide if we want to cut some more. BTW, we were very surprised that SS's hair, including the ends, was pronounced as very healthy by the stylist after all that chlorine exposure.

P was cracking up when I requested the first hair that was cut. I still have JJ's so why should SS be any different?

All done!

And the first thing she did once we left was put her hat on. As you can see Baba and SS are fedora fans. I bought P's at Disneyland five years ago. The man used it twice, but I think it is going to get more use now, because SS was excited about Baba's hat.

A keepsake from our girl's first haircut home. SS did amazing, was practically in a catatonic state the entire time. We will be returning her in six weeks.

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