Friday, July 16, 2010

Sleeping with Buzz.

We are going to try to transition SS into her crib full time. That is a bold statement given our propensity to give up when the slightest protest is uttered by SS. Plus she is going to sleep with us for two weeks in August, so that will certainly be a setback. But SS is a big girl of three and a half now, and it is time we reclaim our bed. Night before last I placed her on our bed while I was posting, sitting on the floor. SS whined about going downstairs but fell asleep quickly.

Last night P placed her in her crib, and although she was very tired, it took SS quite a while to doze off. I think we are going to continue letting her fall asleep on our bed then transferring to her crib. It just works better for her that way. When I checked on her before going to bed I was treated to the cuteness below. It is also a good idea to move her back into her room because that action figure is hard plastic and it is certain to end up under us at some point. Not a pleasant way to sleep. Of course SS is always welcome on our bed, like when she wakes up in the middle of the night, and for our usual morning snuggle.

Back in April SS scared us by by climbing out of her crib. It seems that the way to deter unwanted behavior is to ask a child to replicate said behavior for the camera. We are astounded to report that SS has not climbed out of her crib again.

See Buzz? He is next to SS, closer to the wall. Check out that beautiful bronzed skin. P asked me recently how does she manage to get so dark despite sunscreen and my she must wear a hat edict. If anything, her coloring must be really uneven. Easy, she is genetically gifted, and I have no qualms stating the obvious because we had nothing to do with that gift. If she wasn't such a messy child I would dress her in white daily. SS does have PJs, but it is so darn hot here and she must have her flannel blanket, that we are just letting her go to sleep clad only in a diaper. Tacky but comfortable.

Now I feel really bad about defaming our precious daughter by comparing her treatment of her toys to that of the awful kids in Toy Story 3. SS made sure that Buzz was under the blanket. This is huge for SS because she won't share her precious "Sn00py bwanket" with us. If her blanket touches us she quickly yanks it away and reminds us "MY SN00PY BWANKET." Gee, it's not like Buzz has been around even 24 hours or done anything for her lately.

P this morning, and he did not get into a bar brawl. He said is the chlorine and that he will have to stay out of the water for a few days. Huh? Are you kidding me? First, we are expecting a high of 108 degrees today. Second, I am not the one who is going to tell SS. Not only am I getting the Mother of the Year Award but I am obviously a serious contender for the Wife of the Year Award. Maybe I can convince P to sit in the kiddie area and keep his face out of the water.

SS'S crib escape. No wonder she has not tried it again, I badgered her into showing us her feat.

6:30 p.m.
It appears that I do have a heart in my chest cavity after all, albeit completely surrounded by pure evil. How do I know? Because we are home, no water play today. When I saw P for lunch his eye was still swollen and a rash on his neck I sort of missed this morning had migrated to his forehead. When I saw P this morning I thought the redness on his neck was there because he had just shaved. I seriously doubt that this is a chlorine issue. It would have happened by now, since we were spending as much time in the pool last year. Even though I have never known P to have allergies, I think that is what is happening. He was also complaining of itching.

I bought ben@dryl and when he came home, although he intended on resting for a while before heading out, I convinced him to take a nap and stay home. I could have gone with SS, but when P is home he does not like us out and about alone. He feels that he misses out on SS a lot and if I decided to go he would have joined us. Dude is really tired and I just woke him up and told him to go to bed. I do hope he is feeling much better tomorrow. P is like JJ and SS, hardly ever gets sick, the forever sicko in this family is me. He also does not take lickings as well as I do, probably from the lack of experience. Hopefully he will be back to normal by Monday, because he got a lot of questions at work. I was worried that his coworkers might think I did a Mel Gibson on him.

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Michelle said...

I just can't get over how big she looks in that video.

I hope P is feeling better soon. That sounds(and looks) uncomfortable!