Friday, July 02, 2010

Her name is SS and keeping us from harm is her game.

P kicked off the weekend by coming home shortly after noon from work. After a quick shopping trip we rewarded an antsy SS with water time. I told P that I would like once to just sit out in the sun and read. Just like a lot of moms do every day. It is not something that I have been able to do in two years. I grabbed my book from the nightstand and SS was watching me. As we were walking downstairs (no butt sliding this time) SS gave me a disapproving look and said, "Mama, no swimming (and) reading, it's dangerous." What a great kid we have, always looking after us. Ha!

Because I have never been good at heeding warnings, I placed the book in my bag. I was really looking forward to a good read. P was OK with doing what I do everyday (spend an hour or more alone with SS aimlessly going in circles in the water) and thought it would be a good idea for me to indulge in sun and reading fun. Then I looked at SS, all happy and excited about swimming. She will only be three years old once, she will only be excited about being by our side all the time for so long. I can read at home while she and P sleep, and that is a long time. Childhood, that goes by so fast. SS has been home almost two years, and we can't believe she has been with us longer that she was without us. The book remained in the bag, as I for once listened to good advise, swimming and reading does sound like a dangerous combination. Instead I was treated to a game of Pirate SS asking me to hold her (imaginary) map and treasure. SS also wrapped her legs around one of my legs and announced that the pirate got me. When did her little legs get so strong? She then happily climbed on P's back and stuck to him like a barnacle on a whale's ass. I made the right call and was rewarded with hours of memories I would never get from a book.

Ms. Safety showing off her new hat. All her cute water hats no longer fit. My kids have huge heads.

P has his phone and I took the picture with mine. Hey what is that in SS's hand? SS is one happy toddler because she inherited P's phone. It does not have phone service but it is loaded with hours of music and games. We are hoping it keeps her entertained while traveling later this summer. So far she is doing well with the games.

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