Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swimming play date with the cousins.

Insomnia is a B*TCH, and its cumulative effect slapped me hard this morning. I began to doze off at 4:00 a.m. which is not unusual for me. I am having a really difficult time now because although I am used to the lack of sleep I am more tired than usual, stressed to the max and not home. I really needed to sleep and recharge my batteries but my legs were unusually restless and twitchy, making sleep impossible. Like SS on Wednesday, I hit a wall, and it wasn't pretty. I spent 40 minutes dozing off and then something would make me open my eyes. P is used to my twitching legs, but this time I was muttering something, but it was incoherent. P said that I was almost in tears and I believe him because I remember feeling so freaking desperate. P then draped his arm around my waist and held me tight. I fought him for a while but eventually fell asleep. The down side is that I only slept for three hours and woke up in bad need of more sleep. I am tired of spending my nights awake and in such discomfort.

On a more positive note, the cousins came to our hotel for a swim play date. SS had a blast in and outside the water. Plus she got to show her water skills to Aunt C and Uncle M. It was great to spend time with the G family and it is sad that they live in Missouri. We are sure that SS is going to talk about her cousins for a long time. It was also a pleasure to meet Uncle M, he is a very nice guy and P really enjoyed talking to him (Aunt Court and I spent our time running after the girls).

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