Sunday, July 18, 2010

Learning our names.

This year SS is a big girl who knows her name and her age. This time she gets tattoos with our cell numbers, but do not include her name for safety reasons. We went with the pretty butterflies because they did not have skulls and bones, and SS is in a butterfly phase. We also needed SS to learn our names. I was worried about my name because it is freakishly difficult for most adults,, while P's is freakishly easy. So I started with P's name for convenience and SS nailed it in no time. The down side is that she wanted to call him by his full name and we are not that laid back. It's Mama and Baba for us, none of that hippie call me by my first name. We are her parents not her friends. After we settled the Baba thing, we moved to my name and SS did an awesome job. We also wanted her to learn our last names, and again she has two last names, which makes things complicated. At least she did not refuse to hear her name, but cuts my last name off, goes straight to her second last name. Oh well, as long as she knows her nickname and one last name we feel OK.

So I have been doing a bit on Online shopping for the items below.

We were disappointed with the carseat bag we bought last year, as it made it home with a tear. This year we upgraded, and from what I have read, we can use it as a stroller through the airport if needed. I doubt it will come to that, because SS is only 28 pounds and easy to schlep around in her Ergo. Plus we use the CARES harness for the flights, so we do not need our bulky carseat in the plane.

SS getting to know her phone. She has figured out how to use the camera and is loving it. We also need to get her a Leapster soon, or maybe a DS. Depends on which one is easier for her to use. We swear our daughter has clothing, she is not inclined to wearing them, and we are not inclined to make her wear them. I will post pictures of a fully clothed SS eventually.

This one is for the Abus.

SS managed to use the iPod feature on the phone. She is listening to Def Lepard's Love Bites as I type. She is so freaking cute.

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Michelle said...

I agree. Freaking cute. It's too how for clothes. I'm not wearing any right now! ;)