Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gender Identity Disorder at three?

This afternoon, in her best serious three year old tone SS informed me, "Mama, I a prince." Most parents would correct her and say she is a princess, but the truth is she is neither. I asked her if she wanted to be a princess and I got her really annoyed three year old tone, "NO Mama, I a PRINCE." Not sure where that one came from, but thought I should mention to P that I might have broken our daughter. I was hoping he would remember that although I also broke JJ, he has fared well. P smiled at me when I told him, because she has recently informed him that she is a king ("No queen Baba") and a knight. Add her pirate fancy and Buzz Lightyear and we are wondering if she is too young to have a serious gender identity problem. Darn, where is my DSM?

SS complained of hunger and as I was getting ready to take her to the car for a snack, she heard the Pow Wow drums. Dude, it was so funny to watch her forget all about the food and just stand there mesmerized. The colorful outfits reminded me of our visit to Minority Village in Kunming.

The big deal to SS was The Drum, and I'm sure she was scheming how to distract the players long enough to surreptitiously get it in the van.

We love SS's spirit, she did not know the steps, but that did not stop her from making her own choreography AND playing the drums at the same time.

SS was doing her best fish imitation unprompted and did a repeat performance for her proud Baba. This kid has scared me quite a few times by keeping her face under water in the bathtub far longer than I am comfortable watching.

I was giving SS my daily dose of preparation for her Maui adventure and mentioned that she will be spending a lot of time at the beach. SS parroted the beach part but wanted to know if there was an airplane involved in this deal. The answer made her happy. I then told her that we will be getting her sand toys just like in Puerto Rico. Oh boy, that got her beyond excited, "(like)Puto Ico Mama?" "Mama, u get shovel and bucket? I LOVE shovel and bucket!" After that she wanted out of the lagoon and out of her PFD and began throwing herself into the water like she knew what she was doing.

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