Thursday, July 29, 2010

Millenium Park

After the zoo we drove to Millennium Park to allow SS to cool off at the Crown Fountain. It is the neatest interactive fountain we have ever seen. It took SS a long time and P's guidance to see the faces. All she cared about was that there was water and she could play and get soaked.

Once we cooled off we continued to explore the park. Once we told SS that the sculptures were from China she quickly posed for a picture.

Dinosaur eats building (pic by P)

We then moved on to the Cloud Gate Sculpture, also called The Bean. P was able to get some cool shots of our reflections.

From there we sat down and listened to live music for a while.

SS was eager to make a new friend.

That's one smart bird, great escape.

During the drive to dinner SS managed to give me a good laugh. A city bus came dangerously close to side swipe our car and in frustration I said "Dude!" SS said "Not dude, it's Baba!"We ate at Taste of Peru, a Food Network find. SS became reacquainted with platanos maduros, and announced to our waitress that she loved them.

P had lomillo saltado.

SS and I shared the arroz con pollo, cooked in a a cilantro sauce.

We took SS to the pool, gave her a nice hot shower, and she fell asleep. I do not know how P was able to sleep with SS's foot under him.

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