Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tempura kid.

We had Japanese for lunch and the hands down winner for SS was the tempura green beans,, and of course the rice. Sweet potatoes were her former favorite but she did not pay attention to them this time. We are going to make her tempura this weekend. After lunch we went to Wally Mart and Buzz was freaking everywhere, but at least it was on the shelves. Yesterday afternoon we had an embarrassing moment. By we I mean me, because P is always conveniently absent from these learning experiences. SS saw a little boy wearing Buzz swimming shorts, and as luck would have it Buzz's image was near his crotch. SS happily exclaimed "My Buzz Lightyear," and I caught her hand just before she grabbed the boy's crotch. I bought her a Buzz action figure and here we are a few hours later and she has not shut up about him. I bet everyone on the flight to Chicago is going to hate us.

I am having a hard time finding a skull and crossbones suitcase for SS. We are going carry on only to Chicago and she needs more than her ladybug rolling case. I found a cute set of 5 pieces online, but do not want to spend $150, when she only needs one piece. We have plenty of suitcases from our trip to China, but only two suitable for carry on. Plus we need to get one for JJ as well. JJ is the easy one, but I am royally annoyed at my inability to find what we want for SS. Then again, I should not have waited until 12 days before departing to start looking. I blame my procrastination on my complete lack of enthusiasm. If anyone finds a cool skulls and bones rolling suitcase online, please let me know. I also need to get SS's ladybug bag filled with entertaining goodies. We are sure that this year will be easier than last year. I might even lift my ban on Play-Doh.

It's 105 degrees, so we are heading out to beat the heat.

SS in Buzz bliss.

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