Saturday, July 31, 2010

SS's first wedding.

I was very concerned about the ceremony, mainly about SS screaming like a banshee during the long mass. Come to think of it, SS had never been in a church before. I steer clear of churches because I am afraid one will be struck with lighting when the bad seed that is me steps in. I am happy to inform that the church is still standing. Uncle M is a man with a plan, he sat by the aisle, ready to exit when needed. I was initially nervous when Cousin M sat us on the fourth pew, but at least we were by the aisle, and I quickly began to formulate a hasty exit plan with as much dignity as I could muster with a screaming, writhing toddler in my arms. When Uncle M made his exit with CB and CH I thought we would be next. But SS is a master at messing with our feeble minds, and proceeded to be an angel during the one hour plus ceremony. She entertained herself by alternating between my lap and P's, scrutinizing P's face and reading her Toy Story book. Her only truly SS moment came during a hymn, SS felt that it needed spicing up and began to play the air guitar. It took a lot of effort for P and I to hold in our laughter. We were also grateful that SS refrained from belting out the rock and roll version of the hymn at top volume. After the ceremony and during the reception P and I were approached many times with comments about how well SS behaved at church. We have given up is trying to let people know that this is not the same child who is known as Mount SS and Hurricane SS.

Another dollar well spent, we heart the dollar store.

Cousin K, the best man.

Cousin K and husband J (Baby J's parents)

Cousin M and wife R.

Cousin K's wife L.

Grand Min, SS, P, Nana and Aunt C. Nana's dress had lots of glitter and we all ended up glittered up.

Getting her bubble fix.

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