Friday, July 09, 2010

I have a pretty dryer.

I have always disliked white appliances but it is pretty much what I have. My toaster is blue, and I could not care less that it does not match the ugly white appliances, I like color. Our dryer has been slowly dying since last October. I finally told P that if he is dragging me to the middle of nowhere for a wedding, I should get something in return. OK, we are going to spend a couple of days in Chicago, before the boring social ritual. We are planning to have a lot of fun with SS before we force her sit through a wedding, and a mass. Still, it was time for a new dryer, not exactly an expense we wanted to blindly jump into. I do all the laundry here, no need to feel bad for me, I have never changed a tire and have never changed the oil in either car. It evens out in the end. But I told P that laundromats are out of the question for me. Again, unnecessary trip revisited. A dryer is a necessity. SS helped us pick a pretty dryer and today we went to pick it up, during P's lunch time.

Poor guy did not end up eating until later in the evening. Why? Because everything that could go wrong did. I told P to eat and that we would work on it later in the day. Nope, he wanted the darn thing up and running. That included two trips to Home Depot, and by the time he installed it this evening, SS was passed out on the couch.

During the drive to the warehouse P asked when I purchased the dryer. Before I could stop my runaway mouth I said "January 1995." And that got me the response I deserved. "Gee K, you remember the month? Also remember the day?" Yes, I forgot our wedding anniversary, but have the gall to know when I bought an appliance 15 years ago. I have a horrible case of foot in mouth disease.

P was so excited about our pretty dryer that he did two loads of laundry. My husband is the sexiest thing I have ever come across. But the impossible happened today, he outdid himself in the sexy department. I had no idea how a simple act like doing laundry could make me swoon. Had I known it was going to be this good I would have insisted on a new dryer last October.

Oh, did I mention we are going to Maui? It will be our last summer hurrah, and something we owe Grandpa. We always said that we would not feel that SS was fully settled home until three visits were realized. First and most important, a visit to SS's great-grandmother. P then added a visit to Abuela and Abuelo. It did make sense to combine those visits. And now we can finally feel settled, because SS and JJ are going to finally visit Grandpa. They gave us a lot of emotional support during the wait and we are lucky to have had their support. However, next summer we are staying home. This will be our third year traveling and sometimes it is as much fun to hang around home. Maybe not exactly home, because we have been talking about a road trip with SS and JJ, returning to places JJ and I visited when he was 8. We are really hoping we can make it.

Last week SS helped us select a dryer.

SS was horrified by the mess we made ("Oh no Mama, MESS!") opening the box, and quickly sprung into a creepy dead on imitation of her Abu.

Pretty girl and a pretty dryer.

Why does she need three buckets and a backpack?.

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