Thursday, July 22, 2010

I bet you like princesses.

We were shopping today and the nice sales woman offered SS a sticker. This got a "Sticker yeah!," from SS. The sales woman then said "Do you like princesses?" and without waiting for a response said "Oh, I BET you like princesses!" SS placed her Buzz figure about 2 inches from her nose and yelled "Buzz Lightyear!!!!!" The sales woman happened to have T0y St0ry stickers and SS was in sticker heaven. I got a good laugh out of that and I wish I had filmed P's reaction when I told him. I mean, seriously, how can anyone take a look at SS and think that she is into princesses. I guess that is why that woman is not making a living as a professional gambler.

I have been feeling miserable for the past two weeks, but only mentioned it to P recently. I know it is not surgery related, but it sucks to feel so off. But now it gets better because I have a freaking cold. The common cold, the thing P dreads more than PMS. The thing that completely takes me down. P says I took the colostomy like most people take the common cold and vice versa. I just hate the fact that it seems to linger forever. My sincere apologies to anyone who has to interact with me for the next two weeks.

Oh yeah, princesses are the first thing that come to mind when I look at her.

Trying out her Leapster with Baba's help. No amount of help could get her to hold the stylus properly.

SS allowed Baba to help her five minutes before she declared the Leapster to be "my toy" and went solo.

A few things to keep SS entertained next week. The goggles and the splash balls are staying home. We still have to add the coloring books, more stickers and the DVD player. P is not sold on the Play-Doh, who knew he hated the stuff as much as I do?

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