Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back to yesterday.

Yesterday we started our day at the beach again. SS is getting really good with choppy water, something we were very concerned about. The water park we frequent does not have a wave pool, and the last time SS was in choppy water was last year in Puerto Rico. SS did not like it one bit, we bought her a PFD and she screamed when we put it on her. SS was also much younger and obviously not ready. This time we brought the PFD she uses at home, because with SS it's all about familiarity and feeling safe. It is why I still schlep her around in the Ergo, and why we carry around more crap for her than necessary.

SS decided that it was fine time for JJ to learn how to swim, and she designated her very experienced self as his instructor. I was very impressed with her skills and am beginning to doubt that P knows what he is doing. The man has been teaching SS how to swim for two years and SS still has a long way to go. It took SS less than a minute to teach her brother how to swim. She swam over to him, looked him in the eye and said "Swim JJ, swim." SS then provided positive reinforcement and a few "yeah, good job JJ!" And that is all it took, dude did not even need water wings.

SS's first try of shave ice, strawberry flavor. I had cherry, JJ had tiger's blood, and P had blue vanilla or something like that.

The dude insisted that SS use his stand, so she could eat on her own. That was really sweet of him.

From their night dive, and I must say they are braver than I, no sure I would like to be underwater in the dark.

Grandpa's friend R, who is about to move to Oregon. Maybe he can give SS surfing lessons there.

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