Friday, September 17, 2010

Morning kiss, don't leave home without giving one.

Every morning we get a goodbye kiss from P whether we are asleep or awake. I am usually awake when P leaves no matter how early, there is no way I can sleep through the sound of the shower and him moving around. This morning I was aware of his movements, but I had been asleep for only two hours, so I was very groggy. I must have been more on the asleep side, because I do not recall hearing the door downstairs closing and the deadbolt turning. Since it is Friday, trash day, I assumed P was taking out the trash, but again, I did not hear him rolling the trashcans out. I was aware that SS was asleep and lightly snoring.

I then heard her little voice, "Where did Baba go?" I went downstairs and P was gone. weird, I did not recall a kiss, a first. I went back to bed and told SS that Baba went to work. SS was not pleased, she pouted and said "No kiss." So I was not making stuff up, this was a first. I told her that Baba was distracted and that she would get plenty of kisses at lunch time. I tried to get SS back to sleep without success. She could not get back to sleep, she kept harping about "no kiss." I texted P and he was surprised we noticed. He responded that he was very sorry, but we both looked spent and he did not want to wake us up.

And that is how my morning in Hades began. It never occurred to me that SS was aware of those kisses when she is seemingly asleep. Then again I did not think I was asleep and P thought otherwise. The great thing about spending two years with SS is the luxury to work on bonding, and overall, I think we have built some trust. The downside is what happens when SS does not get what she expects. She was a relentless hellion, and decided I was to atone for her Baba's oversight. I was about to loose it by lunch time. I had SS bathed and made sure to feed her before P came home. BTW, he had apologized several times and assured me it would not happen again. Dude did not have to convince me, but SS is a tough customer.

So what happened barely 10 minutes after P arrived home? SS did a face plant on her highchair, something that has not happened in over one year. She was awake since 5:00 a.m., so it was long due. When it was time to get SS to bed, she did something out of character. Whenever she awakens she reaches for me. Since she holds a grudge I was afraid she would snub her Baba, as she has done in the past. Instead I was treated to one of those aw moments. A very groggy SS looked at both of us and extended her arms to her Baba. P tucked her in and gave her make up kisses. That moment alone was worth my time in Dante's Inferno.

I remember when her tiny feet barely made it to the foothold.

Ms. Pack Rat with her JJ ducks. The pirate duck on her BL Super Hero spaceship bowl is her current favorite. Her hair is not greasy, it's still wet from her bath.

August 2008. See? I was not kidding about her tiny feet.

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