Thursday, September 02, 2010

JJ finally grew a pair and SS did not like it.

This event deserves its own post. Barely 5 minutes ago JJ grew a pair and said no to his beloved sister. SS's love affair with her brother might be over for good, she cried REAL tears people. It was obviously a very kind no, without a raised voice (unlike ours) because we had no clue what she was crying about when she sat on my lap and the real tears flowed. We did not even ask JJ what the no was about, because SS darn well deserved it, and it was long overdue by about two years, although she begs to differ.

OMG, did we somehow manage to raise a decent human being despite our pathetic inability to parent? We do not care where he got it from, P and I are going out tonight and getting stinking drunk to celebrate the fact that idiots can indeed parent.

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