Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cupcake girl.

SS is into cupcakes, loved those things before she ever had one. She will often ask for a cupcake out of the blue. About two weeks ago I was surfing channels and SS said "Stop Mama, cupcakes." It was a show, DC Cupcakes (I think), about two sisters who run a cupcake shop in Georgetown. SS was mesmerized by the show. She sat on my lap, completely still (a rarity) and watched with such reverence. She would look at me like she could not believe her eyes, and would say "look, it's a pink one, "or whatever else she thought I missed. After watching two episodes she announced "I want to eat my cupcake now." Yeah, because we keep cupcakes around in the event she gets a craving.

P was already in bed that night but SS made sure to inform him of her cupcake epiphany the next day. We made a mental note to let SS go crazy baking cupcakes soon. On Sunday P wanted to see what Halloween merchandise was already out there. That window shopping excursion resulted in SS coming home with two H PJs, pumpkin shaped silicone molds (suckers are expensive), orange frosting, black icing, H cups and pumpkin straws. SS has been walking around with her "pumpkin patch molds" since, asking when are we going to bake cupcakes. She is unaware of or ignoring the fact that we do not bake.

Since it is beginning to look like Halloween here, this evening was a good time to let SS bake. Why so soon? Because last year we planned on baking H cookies or cupcakes with SS on October 31st, and then have her hand out candy. Then I managed to ruin that plan with the worst timed hospital stay ever. Mindful that planning does not guarantee jack, there was no good reason to wait until next month.

I had also been feeling guilty about not including SS more when I'm in the kitchen. In Maui, SS did not once ask to help in the kitchen. Maybe because we spent so little time in it. SS was always busy in the yard, torturing Fergie, exploring and causing mayhem. When we returned home I went along as if she was no longer interested, and it hurt her feelings. I must admit that it felt good to do things at a much quicker pace and I behaved selfishly (what else is new). Then I remembered how patient Mami always was with me and I was ashamed of myself. I know how much I slowed down Mami, but she never complained. She patiently allowed me to make mistakes, to learn, to feel like I was contributing, because she wanted me to feel a sense of accomplishment. Time for me to slow down and allow SS the same opportunity.

The perfect outfit for Halloween themed baking.

Adding the funfetti part (candy) to the mix.

Quality control.

This was supposed to be a SS and Mama project, but somehow Baba managed to take over.

Look at her expression over realizing that her parents are absolutely talentless.

Beautiful, toothy grin, because she is such a good sport.

SS about to deliver a cupcake to Baba, who quickly abandoned the kitchen without a second look at the mess left behind.

This is as far as SS got with the cupcake. P did not ice the sides of the cupcakes and I finished them thinking it was an oversight. It wasn't, the man was trying to avoid what ended up occurring. SS would not touch the cupcakes because she has this thing about getting her hands messy. We have worked so hard to get her to relax about getting her hands messy, but have not done well.

At least I had a less messy option for our OC child, but she still would not touch it.

A closer look at the ugliest cupcake in the world.

SS having fun with her first pair of glow in the dark PJs of this Halloween season.

Our painfully shy daughter doing her version of the hula.

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Brenda said...

SS gettin' her groove on! She and that cute little blonde girl made quite a side show. Too funny.