Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quickest eyeglass shopping we have ever done.

We have never settled on eyeglasses as quickly as we did this afternoon. I am horrible when it comes to choosing, but needing bifocals completely narrowed my choices. I had one pair chosen and it was quickly nixed by the optical manager. I then saw a pair of Calvin Klein's, tried them, OM approved them for progressive bifocals and I was done. P told me that a co worker's husband hated progressive lenses. However, I know myself and know that line would drive me bonkers, and make me cross eyed, so progressive it was. P was thanking his lucky stars that it was not the usual 2 hour odyssey. Last time I did this was pre SS, I now know that I have a very limited window of time before all hell breaks loose. P was easy, he narrowed it down to 2, and the issue was color. My very modest husband only wanted to know which pair made him look sexiest. Once he got my opinion he was done. P has been relentlessly making fun of my need for bifocals. I am being uncharacteristically good and have not mentioned that he should just get rid of his useless left eye (20/70), and wear an eye patch. Then I realized that an eye patch would look sexy as hell on him. Don't hate me because he is beautiful.

SS was very good once she found a mirror. I have been around many vain individuals but our daughter is over the top. The way she looks at her image, the way she smiles at her reflection is just too funny, and at times too concerning.

After that we went shopping and I shared a concern about SJ with P I did not post about. Teacher W was able to quickly go over their morning routine (we are focusing on mornings for at least a month), and she is the 2 year old teacher. Teacher D and Teacher C were unable to give us a coherent answer. Teacher D started then asked teacher C to tell us. HUH? A routine is just that, the script you follow everyday. We know that there has to be some flexibility, they are dealing with 3 year olds, very unpredictable creatures. But there is a routine, one they have followed for years. What is so difficult about that? When P and I compared notes, we were both concerned that they never went through the routine. Teacher C went off track about how it changes, and related the day one child found an acorn and that led to a talk about acorns and worms, She then told us that she worked with the public school system for 20 years before coming to SJ. Bottom line is that we left without an understanding of the morning routine. It is not rocket science, it is a freaking routine.

I was relieved that P was as concerned as me, and know I should have said something yesterday. Maybe I did not want him to think that I was biased against the Catholic school (as if). These are the moments when being an interfaith couple bite you in the rear end. I should also give P more credit, because the reason I chose to co-parent with him was because I knew that we could both get past our different ethnicity, religion, and overall upbringing. Our big concern is that SS would get lost between cracks due to the miscommunication we witnessed. Once we expressed our concerns, we were on the same page. Maybe we are naive about our expectations, but we know what SS is capable of, and at this time academics is not our focus. P and I are firm believers in being proactive parents, we will always supplement SSs' learning at home, that is our responsibility. Right now we are more concerned about her emotional and social development.

In contrast, Teacher S at MU had no clue we were visiting that day. The director asked me to drop by whenever we wanted, but gave me the hours that would give us a better opportunity to have SS participate with the class. Teacher S quickly incorporated SS into the class and explained the morning and afternoon routines. It is a very small school, the equipment is not top notch, and SS will be the only Asian child enrolled. But we both feel that she won't get lost in the shuffle. That is very important to us. It looks like SJ is out.

SS admiring the stunning creature reflected in the mirror. It is still SS's favorite pastime, looking at herself. Heck, if we looked that good, we would do the same thing all day long.

SS was pleased that she looked equally stunning on the other side of the mirror.

She really had a blast looking at herself.

A very confident SS picked up two bottles of wine at Trader J0e's and hoped no one questioned her ID. Why would they? All legit drivers licenses have Buzz Lightyear stickers.

Look what our school obsessed daughter happened to find.

She is so ready to go to school. We hope that the reality of spending 4 hours without Mama does not sour her on school.

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