Friday, September 10, 2010

Because she can't let it go.

As we have mentioned, SS is fixated on the frame below.

It was our first stop in the mornings after we came home from China. Of all the frames and pictures around our living room, this one intrigues SS to no end. She would point at JJ's pictures and I would dutifully pronounce his nickname for SS. It was in front of this frame that SS said "JJ" for the first time. I will never forget the look of pride on her little face. Or maybe she was smirking thinking that her parents should have come up with an easier version of JJ's name for her benefit. We'll never know.

SS is still asking where she was in front of this frame, just can't let it go. Every other picture that she asks about, she gets the same answer, either she was not born yet, or she was not home yet. It is important for us to make that distinction, since SS is aware that she was born in China and that we traveled there to bring her home. The explanation is sufficient with all other pictures, but it just won't do with this frame.

On the flight home I was thinking about this and asked P if he was attached to the pictures on that frame. Of course there are pictures of both of us with our beloved monsters, but we have had 15 years of monster fun. Then there are the pictures with and of JJ, but we have a living room full of those. P did not have a problem changing things. This is what the frame looks like now:

The picture is terrible but you get the idea. It's about SS on every frame. Had to include the surfboard picture because that is so freaking cool. And now SS knows where she was in each picture. The frame is now in the laundry room until P comes home, since I almost dropped it when I tried to install it. Can't wait to see what her reaction will be.

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