Monday, September 06, 2010

Once everyone was lei'd it was time to go home.

SS woke up yesterday bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go home. I think had we been at the airport four hours before departure she would not have cared. We are relieved to have completed the Thank You for Waiting for Me, Supporting My Parents and Big Brother During the Wait, and You Know I was Worth the Wait Tour. We thought about having T-shirts made, but there was no way to get all that on one. Seriously, this is something we planned to do, needed to do, and we are relieved that we finally followed through. I hope that it will be awhile before we put SS through the pain in the neck that is air travel. But hypocrites that we are, during the flight home we discussed what we could do with the miles we earned during this trip.

Grandpa was a very generous and gracious host. We are not sure we would want the likes of us taking over our home and car. We left our masks and snorkels there (P's, JJ's, SS's and mine), plus JJ's fins. Grandpa is also unwillingly keeping SS's sand toys. When Aunt Court and family visit they will have sand toys for the kiddos :)

I really thought that P had to work today, but apparently I made that up. We are chilling out, doing absolutely nothing. We are pleased that JJ is home, although he could have high tailed it out of here and claim he had to return to work. We are doing absolutely nothing and I have no desire to use a camera.

One last walk (for now) on Grandpa's backyard.

Although we had a few hours before we needed to be at the airport, SS was a day past ready to go home.

This is how to do the picture of the welcome to wherever you happen to be sign; on the way to catch your flight home.

Learning a new trick, SS on my back at the airport. How many times have I written about how ill advised changes are when SS is away from home? Yet I am my worst enemy at times and cannot stop myself from making bad decisions. She was all smiles on the pictures but she was upset that she could not see me (as in face to face) and squirmed a lot.

JJ took this picture, that explains the smile.

We were really looking forward to having an extra pair of hands available to help us get our excessive carryon crap through security. So what did we geniuses do? We bought an extra carryon suitcase for SS. On the bright side, we are leaving plenty of evidence for JJ to know how not to parent.

To make up for the lousy drinks we got at the luau last night.

A very upset SS when she did not get a Blue Hawaii. We hope that the fiasco of the complimentary Mai Tai on the flight to Maui, and now the denial of pre-flight alcohol serves as a lesson. SS, always carry your fake ID with you. We would have looked the other way, honestly.

Thankfully SS had three umbrellas, three yummy pieces of pineapple and three maraschino cherries to herself.

JJ made good use of his netbook by downloading games and episodes of several TV shows. P and I use our netbooks to surf the net. I now feel superior to P, because I at least use mine to post to the blog. We are going to ask JJ to teach us how to do that because next time we fly we are bringing both netbooks along.

Sea creatures sticker heaven. P and I were disappointed that they did not stick as well as the Wonder Pets and assorted Nick Jr. ones SS has. SS did not mind, she was happy to play with her new friends and proudly rattled off the names of the animals she recognized.

SS was so hungry that she actually deigned to eat airplane food.

No idea why P kept his shades on during most of the flight. Who cares, the guy is pure eye candy.

Love how SS is holding Buzz, notice that D-O-G is below Buzz. This is why SS was up until almost 5:00 a.m., the kid was well rested. She woke up shortly before landing and P immediately got on her bad side by insisting that she be buckled up in the CARES.

A first for me, listening to music (or reading, playing games, etc.) on an airplane. SS and P are asleep, I am not. It takes all my psychic energy to keep that hunk of metal we are inside of not to succumb to gravity. Can't take a nap and have everyone suffer the consequences. I was using SS's phone (and headphones) and darn it that girl's got good music.

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