Friday, September 03, 2010

Surfing S.

Today JJ and SS managed to get on a surfboard, P could not get on and I took the coward's way out and did not even try. This is sad because standing on a surfboard (while on the water) is in my to do before I die list. However, I had a scary moment with SS and guess that made me reconsider. Plus I have a very important appointment a few weeks after we get back home and I do not want to show up wearing a cast Or show up without skin on my limbs. I can just see myself explaining how I left all my skin on a reef at Launiupoko Beach in Maui as a souvenir.

JJ and P went out with R first, while SS and I hung around the little placid pool. I have no idea why I decided to leave the safety of that area and go see the guys attempt to surf. The strength of the waves caught me off guard and there were rocks everywhere. I tried to get P's attention but he could not see me or hear me. I got myself in a pickle, and when my feet could not reach the bottom I did what I do best, panic. I yelled to P for help, then realized he was not going to be able to hear me and all I would accomplish would be to traumatize my daughter. So I sucked it up and began to turn back. The surf knocked SS out of my arms three times, but she took it like a champ (me not so well). I did have my back towards the surf, and SS had her PFD on so her upper body was protected. I held on to her as tightly as I could and allowed the surf to knock us back to the shore. I am going to be very bruised, because the rocks did a job on me, but SS is OK.

A few minutes after our hasty retreat P joined us. Dude managed to step on sea urchins and was not a happy camper. I was going to take a look and P screeched at me not to touch him. So I gave him the space he needed. Later he got all pissy and sarcastically thanked me for my concern. Hey make up your mind, do you want to be left alone or coddled. Besides, I am your wife not your mother, you want sympathy I suggest you call your mommy. P was in a better mood once he was able to soak his feet in vinegar. I know that what I wrote was hars, but he teed me off by asking me not to touch, then having the gall to b*tch about it.

Just as I thought we were leaving, R, SS and JJ walked to the little pool area. I am glad R did not ask me first because I would have declined. But I'll be darned, our daughter managed to stand on a surfboard and even paddled. There was a couple watching SS and they were beyond impressed. I walked over to catch the last part of SS's bold attempt at surfing. On the way back to shore there was this woman excitedly talking on the phone... "Guess what, I am watching the most beautiful little girl surf. No, for real, she is standing on a long board, I'm not sh*tting you." Then a pause... "I don't think her parents would appreciate me taking her picture or filming her." That's right Blondie, good call, we would have been upset. Wow, I can't get over how many new things SS has done and at only three. We are so proud of our little surfer girl.

SS rocking her new headphones, that her father does not need to know the cost.

We had lunch at the Culinary Institute.

Banyan Tree in Lahaina, we are returning tomorrow for a luau.

Now remember, SS has yet to develop balance, is behind her peers on something as simple as walking and running, and trips on air. But she still managed to make her parents look bad. The song Little Surfer Girl by the Beach Boys is now stuck on a permanent loop in my head.


Brenda said...

SS really looks like a little wahine on that board. Fearless! And who's the dude teaching her? Did anyone eat that revolting poi??

2china4S said...


First, thank you, we were hurt that no one commented on SS's adventurous side. Come on, it wasn't real surfing but the child is only 3.

The dude teaching SS is Grandpa's friend, R, and he has been surfing forever. He was very taken with our little surfer.

P and I passed on the poi and did not even bother to have SS try it. We tried it before so we have been there, done that, no need for a repeat performance.

Not sure if JJ tried it, because by the time we ate SS was famished, P was not giving her any slack, and the mother bear side of me was out in full "screw with my kid and die" force.

SS did tuck into the Mahi Mahi as though she had it every day. :)