Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whale tale.

I think we took these pictures last Thursday, not sure as they have been on JJ's camera since and I just got them yesterday. We stopped for a snack and after that went across the street to a cute little park. SS and I were crossing the street and I called her attention to the whale. I was quickly schooled by my daughter, "It's a Humpback whale Mama."

P and I wanted to recreate a silly picture we took in front of the whale. SS was not in the mood to reminisce of days when she was not in our lives. It did not go well. Then to send a clear message where we are located in her totem pole, she proceeded to be all smiles while posing with JJ.

Guess who has a nasty cold (and equally nasty attitude) and who is congested? Seriously, who the heck gets these many colds? SS managed to be congestion free in Maui, looks like Dr S was right, time to play the allergy guessing game.

Dear JJ, the whole point about the picture was to get the whale in the frame, otherwise it just does not work.

I bet people leave this happy hour with a heck of a buzz.

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