Saturday, September 18, 2010

SS does the hula in California.

P's coworker invited us to attend a wine and beer festival today, and P thought it would be a nice,non SS centric thing for us to do. However, the only person other than JJ that we trust to care for SS was not available, because she was celebrating a very important milestone (Happy anniversary D and B!). Two days ago P asked me if I wanted to attend a luau and concert he happened to stumbled upon. Of course, after all it has been a whole 14 days since we attended one of the most awesome luaus in all of Hawaii. P reasoned that since SS liked Hawaiian music and hula girls so much, it would be a good we are kicking you gently easing you out of the nest treat.

The food was definitely not Old Lahaina Luau, but it was good. SS had obviously had her fill of fish and would not even try it. She did like the sweet and sour meatballs, rice and fruit salad. The coconut pudding was a no for SS and I. This was great news for P who loves old folks desserts. The Ke Aloha Polynesian Ohana dance ensemble provided entertainment during dinner. The three keiki were just adorable, but I did not take pictures. I do have video that needs to be uploaded, where SS was getting down with her hula girl self. It appears that SS's rule that live music is to be appreciated while perfectly still does not apply to Hawaiian music. Sometimes it is difficult to understand our girl's logic. SS danced and again wanted to rush the stage.

When it was dark, an older gentleman gave the kids a light stick necklace. That is when I remembered the glow sticks we had at home. P remembered that we had some glow sticks in the back pocket of the driver seat in the van (I had no idea they were there). By then SS was playing with a little girl a few years older, a whole head taller than her. P split the glow sticks between them and they had a great time. We have no idea how SS lasted until after ten, because she should have been out cold before nine. We left about 15 minutes before the concert ended, to avoid traffic. SS was out about 10 minutes after we left. We had changed her into an overnight diaper just before we left and changed her into a sleeping shirt. P had the forethought of keeping leftovers and had stuffed SS's little face before we departed. It worked, and P was able to get SS from the van to her crib without her waking up. We had a really nice time.

SS had a blast with the music statues.

And loved the blue sand.

I bought this bucket of Bristle Blocks (a deal, $18 at Costco) about a year ago, placed them in the garage and forgot about them. We thought they would keep SS entertained while we waited for the concert to begin and they did not disappoint.

Back in the Hummer with her Bucket of Bliss. This stroller is one of the best birthday presents I have ever received. Thanks Abu.

Our very shy SS doing her thing.

Weldon Kekauoha Trio

This young lady performed with the Polynesian dancers. According to the singer, she approached them, confidently introduced herself and told them she would like to dance to one of their songs. They invited her to join them onstage and she did an awesome job. It struck us that this would be such an SS thing to do, no fear of being front and center. Something her Baba and I cannot comprehend.
Cypril Pahinui (left)

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