Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gearing up for Halloween.

One thing we noticed in Maui is that they seem to take Halloween seriously. There was so much H stuff everywhere. We were particularly impressed by the H aisle at Petco. Yesterday I mentioned to P that in previous years by now we knew what SS would be for Halloween. P noted that this year SS gets to choose so it is up to her. At least we got two years of choosing for her. Later in the afternoon SS and I were talking, and I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween. She must have really been waiting for that question because she immediately shouted "I want a ____ costume and a __ bike!" A bike as an accessory? Halloween can get really expensive that way. I told SS that the costume was a definite yes, but that she is is still too small for the smallest bike. SS was broken hearted and began to cry. I guess she really wants that bike. My first thought was that it would be nice if Abuela was subsidizing her Halloween costumes like she did with JJ, because this one is going to be expensive if we fold (like we usually do) and get the darn bike. Gotta love our quirky daughter.

SS has been talking a lot about Maui and the things she did there. That reminded me of one of her funky moments there. SS somehow became afraid of "Puto Rico water" and wanted to make sure it was not at her Maui beach. I really had to work hard to reassure her that Puerto Rico water stays in P.R. and does not contaminate Maui water. It happened a few times and I still have not figured out why she was so adamant that she did not want Puto Rico water. SS did have a difficult time in P.R. because she would not close her mouth and ended up swallowing a lot of yucky, salty water. Then the mosquitoes did quite a job on her. Add the choppy water and humidity and I can understand why it was not such a pleasant experience for SS. The sand in Maui was also superior, better for sand castle making. P and I were laughing about SS's dilemma, oh to be three and expound on the differences between Maui and Puerto Rico beaches.

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