Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SS is planning JJ's birthday party, while I'm trying to get over preschool sticker shock.

Yesterday SS said to P, "JJ has (a) birthday coming." We have no clue where that came from, as usual. We did have a very short conversation recently about where we wanted to take JJ and SS for their birthdays, but we are not sure SS was present. This afternoon SS reminded me and as it is becoming her MO, she added on. She seriously stated, "Mama, JJ has birthday coming..." followed by "JJ likes cake," "JJ likes party," and most important "JJ likes presents." The kicker is that SS's birthday is six days before JJ's, but she is focused on his birthday. Funny, today is SS's half birthday (03/15), she likes to plan in advance. But this adding on thing is really worrying us.

We have a burning question, how do people afford more than one child? I am floored with some serious preschool sticker shock. To put things in perspective, I paid at least $350 less per month for JJ's private school. It was a small SDA school and more expensive than larger private schools. P paid at least $200 less per month for his dorm and food in college. Holy cow! We could choose to send SS to daycare, but in the end you get what you pay for. She is 3 1/2 and it is time for school, not sitting around with 10 other kids not doing much of anything. For that we can keep her home. SS is going to have to be our last child because there is no way we can afford tuition for two kids.

There are cheaper preschools, but again, you get what you pay for. I had an interesting exchange (it cannot be classified as a conversation) with a so called preschool teacher. I had to call P when I got off the phone, because I could not believe anyone would allow their child to be "taught" by someone who does not have a rudimentary command of the English language. You got it, I can hardly pronounce English properly but I am a snob. I told P I had just had a conversation with Chris Brown (the rapper who beat the daylights out of Rihanna). For those who are not into current music, it was like talking to the adults in Charlie Brown specials, bwah, bwah, bwah. It was that bad.

One of the preschools will deduct quite a bit once SS is potty trained. We are still holding firm on not pushing that issue, and we have good reasons for that decision, no matter the cost. No, we do not need to hear from those who think we should be forcing potty training. Our kid, our choice, plus no one but us knows her history. Another preschool is willing to have her in full day preschool and help with the potty training, at her pace. So far we have two good (but equally expensive) schools that come across as professional, knowledgeable and are willing to adjust their expectations due to SS's history. It looks like we will be visiting three schools next week. SS will hopefully be attending three half days a week as soon as we are willing to sink our savings account into her school. We can certainly kiss those miles we accumulated from the Maui trip goodbye. We won't be going anywhere anytime soon, like until SS starts K. Heh.

The big disappointment came from the Montessori school director. I thought they were the hippie, tree hugging type. Director dude was a complete snob, condescending waste of skin. No way would I want my free spirited, precious child to be exposed to the likes of that uptight blob. Boy I feel so much better after writing that. :)

Other than the school hunt, I am having a mammogram next week and having yucky blood work done. Gosh, my doctor wont let go with the blood sugar thing. It has been borderline forever, I am not going to develop diabetes anytime soon. My biggest worry about next week was having my breasts placed on a vise and having blood drawn. That is nothing compared with deciding who to trust with my child. It's going to be a rough week.

My very in need of a bath daughter.

SS's scooter has been through some rough weather, but that little box is still playing music and making scooter sounds, without a change of batteries.

Mail delivery.

A true Californian, reading while driving.


Brenda said...

Just readin' - got nothing of any value to offer. I don't have kids - but have half-raised a bunch of them. Expensive doesn't even begin to describe what you are about to embark on. We had to go tutor routes too - and put many through college. My nephew has his daughter in private high school now and it's $1600/month. My cousin is principal of a Catholic girls school and it is a little more. I don't know how anyone does it without two working parents.

2china4S said...


You do have a lot to offer, it looks like you have shouldered responsibility for quite a few kids. The funny thing is that K tuition at a private school is $500 less a month than preschool. That was the initial plan for SS, but there is the Mandarin immersion program through the public school, and P has his heart set on that for SS. But, she has to be accepted into the program, and that is two years away.