Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SS is getting really good at the art of adding on things that will cost us money.

This morning SS and I were cuddling in bed after she had a mild meltdown. I was actually doing something productive on the computer and she called out for me. I asked her to wait a second and she began to wail. It took me a while to calm her down and I began to talk about school to take her mind of her whiny mood. SS immediately perked up and we went over the wonderful things that await her in the world of preschool. I have also been talking to SS about the fact that Mama and Baba will not be joining her at preschool. I have also told her that we will be there at the beginning, but after a few times she will be at school without us and will be just fine. She usually laughs and says that I am silly, because of course we will be there with her. What else do we have to do with our time other than be at her beck and call. Today I did not get the laughter but more tears. To redirect SS I reminded her that she will get a new backpack for preschool and she immediately reminded what I already knew "I want Buzz Lightyear super hero backpack...;" and then there was the add on, " and a Buzz Lightyear sand castle...that talks." HUH?

This may come as a surprise to most but it did not take me long to figure out that last bit. SS had a BL sand castle mold and she made some in Maui. She has been lobbying for a talking BL doll (or action figure for those who are gender specific). This was her way of adding on a little something to the backpack she knows she is getting. Just like adding a bike to her costume request. The girl has some nerve, because not even JJ, the King of Hutzpah, ever went that far. SS will soon get the reminder that while she specifically requested Brad and Angelina, she is forever stuck with poor us.

SS and I went shopping this afternoon because other than the food in our freezer we were out of everything. We made a stop at Wally Mart and she was in Halloween heaven. When she saw the Halloween aisle she actually placed her hand on her chest and exclaimed "Oh Mama it's Halloween." I wish P was there because it was ridiculous and cute to see. P and I have had experience with the whole hand on chest "I don't deserve this" speech from our mothers. It is one thing we both swore we would never do and so far have done fine, and probably won't succumb out of our utter dislike for it. That thing skips a generation and then attacks at a young age. Our daughter is the hand over the chest type. Whose child did we kill to have this happen?

SS had a blast pointing at all the Halloween things she is not going to get. They do have a lot of fun stuff that I would never consider but do because it is the happiest season of the year. We also have a lot of making up to do, since P has all those cool decorations Nana and Grand Min gave him for his birthday last year. Then I messed things up by landing in the hospital and having kind of important surgery. We are already shopping for SS's costume, but learned a vital lesson quickly, we can't do it in front of her. P made the mistake of passing me his phone to look at a costume and SS melted down demanding that she had to have it "RIGHT NOW MAMA, RIGHT NOW, I LOVE IT MAMA!!!!!!!!" I do not know why people worry about SS's gender identity and preference for boy toys. The girl is the ultimate drama queen, that is as disgustingly female as it gets.

SS would not let go of her H necklace and H bucket when we went to Costco. I considered protesting for about a second then got real with myself. Really, after yesterday, what is there to save in terms of shame or dignity, they are long gone. So she happily puzzled people by walking around on September 14, holding a H trick or treat basket and wearing a flashing safety necklace. That's how she rolls.

Doesn't she look awesome in her orange shirt and neon pink shoes? As if we need her to stand out. SS is in love with her Maui shirts, it is the first thing she asks when she gets ready to take a bath. She cutely says "I wear Maui shirt Mama?" We bought her five and now realize we should have bought three times as many. P is going to send Grandpa money and ask him to pick out a few more, otherwise you will be seeing SS wearing the same 5 shirts until her obsession wears off.

Always a lady.

SS doing a happy dance over scoring her first Halloween goods of the season.

How cool are these molds, they also have them in pumpkin shapes. Whatever they are for we are making.

SS has not made a Christmas candy house yet (because her parents suck), but I think she will be making her first Halloween house this year.

SS went crazy over these drums and actually asked me to take a picture, then said "send Baba." I guess she knows who makes the money here. I also sent P a short video of SS asking for the drums. He e-mailed back "Oh God NO." What's up with that? Our daughter is very talented when it comes to noise making and banging things.

One more (very girly) pose with her Halloween goods to drive home the point that her Mama has no spine.

SS proudly rocking size 4T Buzz Lightyear PJs. How the heck can she wear a 4T when her shorts are 24 months?

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