Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Abuela & Abuelo's House

First, I feel really bad about this picture. I e-mailed it to P and to Abuela and it was taken on the day of our first try at the infamous Santa picture. After Baby S came through for us, I received a phone call from Abuela and she informed me that she liked the Santa outfit so much that she printed the picture and bought a frame for it. I felt worse when she told me that they intended to display it on their living room. Still, we so wanted to surprise everyone and I did not say anything. Reason 1,234,567 why we are not going to heaven.

See the red decorative plate on the entertainment center? It is a gift for Baby S. The designer is Baby S's namesake and my mother thought it would be a great gift for Baby S. Thanks Abuela and Abuelo, that was really sweet. I am now going to G00gle her name to make sure she does justice to our daughter's name.

Now look at their cool Christmas tree, then look at the picture below.

Upon looking at the picture above, P and I had the following exchange:

P: Baby, Baby S is grandchild #7 for them, right?
Me: After doing a quick count. Yes, she is lucky number seven.
P: By looking at that tree one would think they have no other grandchildren.

They actually used the 5x7 AND our Christmas card as ornaments. I could post pictures of their desktop (both the PC and the piece of furniture), but P calls it "Baby S's Shrine," so I'm going to hold back on that one for now. Just in case there is still a chance of us going to heaven.

All in jest, because we are not above snarking on Baby S's maternal grandparents.

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