Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

From our home to yours.

As predicted, we were up at the crack of dawn. So early that Baby S did a face plant on the bed. As soon as we mentioned JJ she perked up. P was able to locate the Chipmunk Christmas song and after 12 Christmases we enjoyed it as a family of four. I won't post the video because I was crying for most of it and that is not cool. :)

JJ just left and we are glad that one of our presents to him was a car safety kit. When he placed Baby S on the sofa she cried. Is going to be difficult for her to comprehend that he can't be here all the time. Baby S still has a lot of presents to open but right now she is wiped out and cuddling with the Ming Ming doll that JJ and S gave her. They also gave her a lovely duck blankie that plays music, great for naps. Unknowingly, they saved our hides because the talking Ming Ming doll that we ordered from T@rget did not make it by Christmas, as promised. P was so upset that he was spewing obscenities at T@rget as soon as he woke up.

P got me a Webcam so Baby S and JJ can see each other frequently. Abuela, Abuelo and Grandpa, we should be Online later on today, so you can see Baby S on real time. She has a lot of presents to open but we are going to let her get some rest.

We just had our best Christmas ever and wish all of you the same. Peace.

***** After publishing this post I walked downstairs to find Baby S out. She is now in her crib and we expect her to sleep for a few hours.*****

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